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[WIP] True Story of Infection

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EDIT: Hot news: Incoming completely new True Story for Arma 3!

Arma 2 version will be frozen for a while.

More info soon.

TRUE STORY of Infection

Check True Story website for full info!

by burkhar

ver 0.2 (WIP) pre-alpha test stage

actually Utes for testing purposes

Chernarus will be used after basic functionality will be properly tested


Hello everyone!

I am currently developing MP mission which would interest you and which you would enjoy. I humbly think it would be very original piece if I will succeed and finish it to publicable state. If you are interested in testing I run the mission on my own computer dedicated server so read further to read the details and don't hesitate to give it a try. It's early development stage, so don't expect too much. Now I run separate dedicated server, so you are more then welcome to try it out end test. I'm looking forward any feedback (negative will be appreciated more because it would make the mission better).

Please report all bugs, unpredictable behaviour and your remarks via PM.

Thanks for you attention!

Sincerely, burkhar


Key features / goals

  • Multiplayer team / coop / lonewolf (your choice) dynamic survival mission with variable story
  • Infected enemies-of-all
    • Don't expect typical zombie behaviour
    • Freshly infected will just have a 'Úlfhéðnar' (hammer)time and will shoot if armed
    • Infection will cause intellect degeneration forcing people to behave cannibalistic
    • Final stage of infected is 'What the hell is that fellow talking about?' with obvious consequences
    • Consider infected soldiers (armed, armored and angry)

    [*]Very simple leveling system for special actions and some other stuff

    [*]Dynamically generated quests

    [*]Infection spread

    [*]Investigation - source of infection (dynamic story)

    [*]A persistent mission for dedicated servers

    [*]Lots of random small dweller camps, up to 16 dweller settlements, some military posts and bases and 4 HQ for all factions with dynamic development (can be rapidly influenced by player(s)'s activity, eg. by fulfilling quests for certain place/location/people)

    [*]Simple action role-playing features dependable on player skills and equipment (doesn't affect shooting accuracy and gameplay you are familliar with in general - just features)

    • Information retreaval / persuasion
    • Lockpicking / thievery
    • Medicine / analyze wounds
    • Repair / analyze damage
    • Survival skill

    [*]Wifi network (antennas)


(can be cancelled, because they are, eh, ideas)

  • Loot - only at certain locations
  • Food / drink / alcohol / cigarettes / whatever consumption
  • Economics, trading system
  • Electricty / Wifi / Cellphones
  • Own item models, graphics and functionality
  • Port to ArmA III

External scripts / addons

Hot goals

v0.3.0 (target N/A)

- Reimplement infected behaviour from early True Story concept

- Performance check with overpopulated Utes (both civilians, soldiers and infected)

- Implement story plot (pen and paper sketches ATM)

v0.2.9 (target 01-06-14)

- Add camps and outposts and test their basic behaviour

- Functions to cfgFunctions

- Military base groups custom FSM

v0.2.8 (target 25-05-14)

- Basic quests

- More realistic dweller behavior (reaction on threat, day, night, rain etc. - original in-game FSM AI will be disabled after that)

- Dweller patrol

- Own compositions for military objects (bases, outposts, camps)

- Testing with nyx.cz volunteers, if there will be any

- Basic leader interaction (settlements stats, investments, upgrades) + greeting

- Reputation - player with reputation below 0 won't be able to interact with leaders

v0.2.7 (target 18-05-14)

- Implement player and settlements RPG features. I've found out I need to do that prior further development to provide some interaction for potential testers.


v0.2.67 (target 11-05-14)

- Reworked FSM's and make better variable distribution between server - client

- Verbose server-side log

- Fixed bug with multiple player respawn

- Proper rating and reputation computing

- Improved player spawning

- Extermination of cca 10 little bugs

v0.2.66 (10-05-14)

- Fixed bug with dweller spawn

- Proper casaulties count and list

- Player respawn issues fixed

v0.2.65 (06-05-14)

- Fixed minor bugs (bad information in monitor, unpredictable onPlayerRespawn behaviour, etc.)

- Setup of dedicated server, performance checks ok

- Improved FSMs for players and settlement development

v0.2.6 (02-05-14)

- Created settlement leaders

- Some conversation tests with custom .ogg and .lip and "say" command

v0.2.5 (01-05-14)

- Reduced and optimized code

- Military base test (still WIP, actually turned off)

v0.2.4 (30-04-14)

- Generic military bases, outposts and camps prepared

- FSM for dwellers strongly upgraded - their behavior looks much more better

- Player can fund fortification and/or static weaponry for settlement

v0.2.3 (24-04-14)

- Lots, lots, really lots of scripting done, code optimized, JIP friendly, defines and functions separated for easier config

- FSMs for players, dwellers and automatic settlement development

- Dweller routines changes regarding day/night cycle, patrol workshifts

- Unique and powerful dweller caching, great achievment for big amount of dwellers, tested with 200 units with no FPS drop

- Settlement vehicles spawn

- Settlement money invest

- Player statistics (Level, points, money and reputation)

- Huge tests with overpopulated settlements, spawning/despawning dwellers performance check

- Created fortification and static weapon (both independent) composition for every level of settlement

v0.2.2 (13-04-14)

- FSM for settlements (tested in MP, works pretty fine)

- Created initial towns/settlements distribution for families/groups

- Created special civilian groups with specific skills and services available for player

v0.2.1 (02-04-14)

- Settlement dynamic development, if player not present in spawn distance

- Settlement changes composition regarding actual level

- Added lots of configuration options

- Basic civilian defend system (based on rating - planned more realistic behavior, will programm new eventhandlers ASAP)

- MP heavily tested

- Major code optimizations

- Added player ability to wear backpacks (PMC classes used)

- Minor bugs fixed (still a lot of TODOs, but it's still pre-alpha WIP stage)

v0.2.0 (25-03-14)

- Completely rewritten functions, cleared some ideas

- Developed testing environment on Utes

- MP tests (JIP, task syncing, marker syncing, etc.)

- New player spawning system

- Settlement leveling system done and tested

v0.1.5 (21-04-13)

- Bugs and some unpredictable issues resolved (still an open thread)

- MP approach inevitable - JIP issues, etc. (theoretically OK, tests needed)

v0.1.4 (15-04-13)

- Finalized level system

- Created camp & settlement civilian dwellers spawn / despawn system

v0.1.3 (04-04-13)

- Settlements positions adjusted

- Created custom compositions for civilian settlements level 1 - 5

- Player spawns near random civilian camp

v0.1.2 (01-04-13)

- Camps, settlements + logic

v0.1.1 (30-04-13)

- Leveling and skill system designed (pen and paper)

v0.1.0 (28-03-13)

- Idea cleared up

- Finished core scripts, debugging, initial testing on Utes (god bless Utes)

Edited by burkhar

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Please consider doing SP version.

You'll miss half the players on here if you leave us out.:cryy:

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