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Flickering Pip

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So what you have one card, you still have 2 GPUs on which takes parts in rendering the frames.

It`s called AFR (alternate frame rendering).

The flickering happens only with models with more than 1 PiP when using AFR.

It`s because the PiP screens are rendered every other frame and if you use AFR the other GPU will draw it black.

The thread you linked has the solution you`re looking for.

You need to switch the GPUs to work on SFR (Split Frame Rendering) mode in which both GPUs work on the same frame removing the flicker caused by PiP rendered every other frame.

Of course doing so you lose performance.

My performance tests:

ArmA 3 Altis Benchmarking:

Adaptive vsync @60Hz 1xGTX 770: 47fps

Adaptive vsync @60Hz 2xGTX 770 SFR (PiP works): 50ps

Adaptive vsync @60Hz 2xGTX 770 AFR (PiP flickers): 53fps

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