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We've got a couple of test servers running and have spotted some issues with the dedicated server and how it handles some of the hacking functions.

These will be rooted out soon and the regularly hosted mission seems to work like a charm.

Type in Lost Dragons into your server filter and feel free to pop in!

I myself got the game running in the background so make a noice and I'll be on!

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Hotfix 0.1.1 is now online and addresses the dedicated server issues and some other minor updates.


Version 0.1.1.

Stratis: LoDR_Hacking_Contest

ADDED: Briefing name: "FFA 19 Lost Dragons - Hacking contest"

ADDED: Score limit can be selected from predefined values from mission parameters

FIXED: Mission didn't end on dedicated server

FIXED: Couple of starting positions were inside wall

Necropolis: LoDR_Tutorial

ADDED: Briefing name: "Lost Dragons - Tutorial"


ADDED: Added missions section to readme

ADDED: Internal dependencies

ADDED: Simple upgrade guide

FIXED: Fixed some typos


Version 0.1.0.

Initial Alpha Release

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Love the big spaceship and the soldiers armor :yay:

Most content lacks polish but yea, first release .

Looking froward a "beta" version, keep up the good work .

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Love the big spaceship and the soldiers armor :yay:

Most content lacks polish but yea, first release .

Looking froward a "beta" version, keep up the good work .

Thank you! It is indeed very unpolished still but it will get prettier!

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Aegis Close Defence System

Blufor Corporation Drone WIP

Couple of new WIP screens on new backpack module, the Aegis and Blufor Corp Droid to do your bidding.

Its not long until the competition deadline drops upon us and we got still loads to do to make everything we want to present to the judges and then theres all these new things we've come up with.. Madness I say.

Anyway! Pop in to our ModDB page or at Armaholic to try out the hacking feature!

And also support us at MANW!

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While ago we reached 100 supportes in MANW contest and joined the promoted competitors! :D Thank you all for your support it really gave us a big boost to push onwards despite the fatigue this past six months has built up.

It is less than a month until we have to turn in our entry and we are working on the mod as much as we possibly can to complete playable version of the "Treasure Hunt" gamemode. The initial release will be reduced in features as time is limited, but rest assured it will be completed eventually!

To get a little break from gamemode construction I took another swing at the Walker concept we've developing. So far I've got the upper body set up quite well and Im going to dedicate a couple of days on tackling the animations to get the legs work. I already took couple of steps (harharhar) forward with the whole animation thing as I think I've found what broke my last attempts and have a new approach on the issue now. Hopefully this works as I think Im not the only one who would like to take a spin in a walking tank in Arma! (and not just a tank that looks like its walking although those look pretty impressive already)

Anyway. Heres a little teaser of the Walkers weapon systems test:

MoDB Video Link

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Exciting times! :D Few days of banging my head to the table I think we've finally managed to understand how the animation actions and states work and also found a way to get our custom walker skeletal animations in game!

I do hope Im not celebrating too early, but so far results have been really promising.


Walker has taken its first steps today and I just had to make a video to show how EPIC it is!

Edited by HorribleGoat

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New weapon in testing! HMG-8 is a 3 barreled rotary support weapon. I'm thinking of adding the firepower a bit, but we'll see if that is even necessary when it gets proper trial in action.

HMG-8 is first of its kind in the salvageable weapons found in the mission. Acquiring one will make you a lucky man, but finding ammo is another story altogether. :D

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Fabrication system

- create objects (ammo, weapons, vehicles) after template for object is recovered? "Matter" is required to fuel creation? Time to construct deponds on object.

- fab stations located at C2C vehicle, outposts, military bases to construct weapons and ammo

- fab bays located at military bases can construct ground vehicles (time to construct is lengthy)

Under water gameplay

- Walking on the seafloor with proper enclosed suit(s)/ armor(s)

- Seabed could hold the location of a downed Warrior

Chemical dangers/ warfare

- most suits/ armors provide protection unless damaged


Over-under stub-missile launcher

- pop-out, side-mounted holographic sight

- can switch between laser guided, vehicle lock on, and dumb fire

- tubes with one missile each come in pairs, with magnetic seal points to stay affixed together

- various missile types fired from launcher frame (consisting of fire control computer and mounting point) exist in above pairs as ammo


- specialty launcher capable of firing missiles/rockets (including multistacked, electronically fired explosive rockets, a laser guided / lock-on missile, or a proximity concussion rocket for example), UAOP (unmanned aerial observation platform), and multi flare rockets

-> UAOP is fired toward the sky. Upon reaching a certain altitude it deploys, hovering in place while providing a camera to connect to and TUGS data

-> mutli flare rockets explode after a specified distance/ certain altitude, releasing multiple flares around detonation point that slowly fall to land.

Autonomous turrets

- emplaced (map hazards, hackable), vehicle mounted, deployable call-in (emplaced, start aligned to a team)


On the fly camo selection for salvaged armors and vehicles in-match?

Electronic warfare/ booster backpack

- blocks enemy comm in radius around owner

- automatically uploads template data to c2c vehicle when user obtains data or friendly transfers data from hacking tool to pack

TUGS detection devices

- relays to map, wrist computers, and C2C vehicle war desk target size

- provides camera

Grappling hook

- can attach to building rails on rooftops, in window frames, a drop down bar from the bay doors of dropships

- launched from a handgun looking device and/or gauntlet-mounted launcher

LOCATIONS (Necropolis)

Solar sphere

- globe of solar panel sections just above or poking out of the jungle ceiling

Deep space communications relay

- mile(s) wide, shallow communication dish embedded in the planets crust, with the ability to swivel slightly in lore

Space tether

- platform surrounding the tether at a certain altitude with security response facility (armory, hangars); can access through elevator(s) after their hacked or by reaching a landing pad

- airport like screening checkpoint at its base


Possible Arma 3 mods to look at integrating if desired and authors allow:

- EMP mod?

- tank destroyer mod? Redesigned into a hovertank?

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Hi ParaCombatant! Great to hear from you here too!

It is heartwarming to hear your ideas as many of them are already on the table and being planned so we can't be far off with our vision!

System / mechanics


Our vision for the salvage/fabrication system has been just this with just tiny differences. For example we are quite set on the idea that vehicles are limited to certain amount and they can all be spent fooling around. Sure the amount is large, but when the easily found vehicles are used it will become a challenge to find new ones. Finding a vehicle depot with bunker garage full of pristine vehicles for instance will be a jackpot if you can hack your way in, but they too will run out if you're too careless.

Fabricating new vehicles could perhaps be implemented, but it would take really long time and would be a lengthy and dangerous process. Power stations would have to be turned on and the whole factory started. And factories wouldn't provide infinite amount of vehicles either.

Limited (although abundant amount) amount of vehicles and supplies will bring some pressure to complete the objectives.

Underwater gameplay

This side of A3 gameplay we have not yet given much thought since we started as we discussed the matter and thought it too time-consuming to start build underwater assets. We did toy with the idea of underwater husk of a Warrior but the whole underwater side is something we will look into again later when other assets and features are done. It would be great though. Would bring out great possibilities for another map too and whole new dimension of gameplay.

Chemical dangers/ warfare

This is also something already on the table. The corporate salvager suit does offer protection against most chemical and radiation exposures when in good shape and where it is not enough more protective hazardous environment suits would be available.


On this field we have plenty of ideas much alike yours. Imagination is the limit although we have made the decision to keep most energy weapons vehicle mounted only. Man portable experimental weapons are on the pipeline, but they will be really rare.


Camo selection is something that can be done only at the command vehicle, except with some special chameleon armors, but we do aim to have plenty of gear customization.

Electronic warfare/jammer type backpack is pretty cool idea, we have not yet explored how far the backpack module system could be taken so definitely this is something to try out.

The hacker booster is also something that could be a great asset.

All kinds of sensor systems are planned as part of the electronic warfare gameplay features, but it is probably something we can start developing sometime next year.

Grappling hook would be quite cool but I have some reservation if Arma could handle such feature. Probably with some serious scripting but at this point we are not trying to make it.


The solar sphere would fit quite well on the field, Solar farms are definitely going to be a map element!

Com relay would fit in quite many spots and is also great idea, I think I have a few spots where shuch a structure would fit so you just might see one in game in the future!

Space tether is pretty neat idea too, as I've toyed with the idea of floating platforms before. So far High altitude is a problem because of the freefall mechanism in Arma, but we are working on it and something like this is not ruled out as an option. And if not on this map, there could be another focused mainly on such a vast structure.

Mod integration

This is something to look into but at this point there is not enough time to do so.

It is great you've taken the time to think about these features and even greater to see we are clearly going in the right direction! I do hope this would encourage others to discuss the mod too, even though we are still on so early stage. If only there were time to write up all the ideas we have. :D

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Dragon has reached first ingame steps and I took some shots of it in game.

For size comparison :


And some ingame shots to see how it fits in.





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Salvagers job is dangerous and all members of the crew too valuable to lose.

To protect the live assets corporates refurnished old combat droids to act as security for the brave explorers as they are extremely cost efficient and need no supplies (If they could the corporate managers would replace the live crew too, but the droids are too dumb for that). There will be a few different variant of the corporate drones from combat/security to engineering/maintenance and there will be different ones roaming the battlefields.




So far we've got one securtiy variant on both Corporate sides and more will follow!

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Competition entry uploaded and there were some 30 minutes left before deadline :D Good luck to everybody and good night!

Also Im migrating our updates to the ARMA 3 - ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION : Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha soon since I think it is more appropriate forum to continue posting updates as the competition now closes.

We'll be releasing a new public alpha soon with new toys to mess around with so keep an eye out for updates!

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Lost Dragons made it to the finals! Thanks everyone for their support, we are honored by this acknowledgement!

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Congrats on making the top finalists. I’m looking forward to trying the new alpha version you’ll be releasing for the community to try.

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