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Core Tactical - An ArmA Community that wants you!

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Core Tactical - Tactical Fun


What is Core Tactical all about?

Core Tactical is based off the idea of "Tactical Fun", and we like to stand by this ideal as we play in and outside of ArmA. The "Tactical" part reflects the way we communicate, move, and function on a large scale. The "Fun" part reflects the way we go about making the experience for our members and ourselves. Were looking to make the best experience possible for all of our member base. Most of our missions revolve around intense close quarters infantry contact, with other units/assets acting as supporting elements.

We aren't looking for easy, clean and cut scenarios. We like throwing ourselves into intense situations, we want are victories to be earned through teamwork, skill, and determination. If we don't put our all in, we don't expect to come out on top.

All of our missions are made in house by members within the community. We provide a wide variety of cooperative and adversarial scenarios. From an air cav squad in the heart of Nam', to a Russian Spetsnaz unit infiltrating into enemy bases. In our adversarial scenarios we are able to take advantage of human dynamics to change the way our missions play and interact with the player.

Core Tactical's Virtues

Core Tactical has hereby been established to serve as a mature community that focuses on tactical fun. We believe that any set community should be set on a few common principles, which are listed below.

  • Respect - Simple, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you are found to be disrespecting other members, you can expect to see yourself out the door.
  • Well Thought out Tactics - Maintain a high level of tactical game play no matter the situation or scenario.
  • Motivated Leaders - We strive for a high degree of competency in our playerbase insofar as leadership goes, as well as pride ourselves on how well our non-leading players will follow orders and conduct themselves in any given mission. We find that alot of times people are scared to step up to the plate and take that Squad Leader position, thinking that people will get angry at them for leading them to death or something. While in reality a squad of Core Tactical members will gladly follow you to the gates of hell if need be.
  • Professionalism - Always exhibit a supreme level of professionalism in and out of the community's official sessions.
  • Quality over Quantity - At Core Tactical we are always looking for the quality of our player base, over our player count.

What makes a good Core Tactical member?

Core Tactical expects a certain level of quality from members, at all times. You are expected to follow the virtues listed above, as well as abiding by our technical obligations.

When it comes to looking over an application, were looking for individuals who generally meet some of the criteria below.
-At least 17 years of age.
-Good sense of humor.
-Friendly respectful and mature.
-Teamwork-oriented mindset.
-Motivated and dedicated to making the group and our experiences the best they can be.

Applying to Core Tactical


If you are interested in joining the group you can apply here: http://coretactical.org/apply/

If you would like to directly contact me, you can throw me an email at connorwarman.com@gmail.com or my steam name which is simply put, Connorwarman.

Status updates will be listed in this thread over the next..well. As long as we exist.

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Status Update: Mod Additions

Core Tactical is proud to announce that a new wave of quality members have joined the group, with a good amount of members coming from this post alone. With our first 6+ hour long session taking place this past Sunday, things are beginning to look up for ArmA 3. We are still and will always be, recruiting.

We decided to update our modification repo this week. The following mods were added in hopes of regaining some more traditional units.

-AAF Desert Units

-Russian Units

-N.USMC Units

-RH M4A1/M16

-Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook

-F-15 Fixed Wing Aircraft

-Su-35 Fixed Wing Aircraft

This is just the first of many mod additions to come for Core Tactical. We are currently looking into the 'Authentic Game Modification' for ArmA 3 which adds quite a few ACE like features.

If you are interested in joining the group you can apply here: http://coretactical.org/apply/

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Status Update: Repo's, Guides and Bodies

Its been a while since we posted an update here, so I figured the improvements and changes in recent weeks merited one. Since our last update we have modified our modlist a tad, and switched repository programs from PlayWithSix to TortoiseSVN. The only notable change would be the addition of AGM or 'Authentic Game Modification' which adds a long list of realism features enhancing the games experience.

In other news, we've started work on a selection of guides with the hopes of covering topics not covered in-depth with A3 quite yet. So to enhance not only the experience of Core Tactical members, but the ArmA community as a whole. Currently with have an ACRE guide created by one of our members, Roam. Which was released alongside a Formations guide created by no other than myself. Both guides can be found here - http://core-tactical.com/?page_id=468 i'll go ahead and post the video link to the formations guide below.

Over the course of the past two-three months we have brought in a few batches of fresh meat, fresh for the killing. This has led to an increase in our general session turnout, with our average hovering around 30+.

If this post interests you, and our virtues seem to fit your style of play. Check out this page and send us an application! - http://coretactical.org/apply/

See you on the battlefield!

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Core Tactical is Back!




After a year or so offline, Core Tactical is back with a passion for tactical fun. We've established ourselves with a new website, forums and server. We're just getting started out again, so playercounts are low currently, but were use to that here. Quality over quantity has always been our goal.


Website: http://coretactical.org/


What was posted in our original post still holds true, we hold all of our members to the same virtues and play style. Our passion is serious gaming, we understand that every individual participating in our sessions has a life just as complex as our own and is taking a chunk of their free time to be apart of the community, that's not something we take lightly.


We've condensed our mod pack significantly, we're currently only using the following,


  • ACRE2 for radio communication.
  • RHS mods for more modern units.
  • ShackTac mods, such as ST_Interact & STHUD.

We currently play every Saturday night at 7PM EST/6PM CST/4PM PST. 


If Core Tactical sounds like something you'd like to be apart of, we suggest you take a look at our 'About' page on our website, and send us an application if what you see there interests you. 


To apply, head to http://coretactical.org/apply/


See you on the battlefield! 



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We recently hit our two month anniversary, we've only been back up and running for a few months - but I think we've all been startled by the success we've had so far. In the short time we've been around we've made some great memories, most of them summarized in my own video, "A Revival".


We've had a steady stream of applications coming in, building up our player base with a group of quality dudes all working towards a common goal of tactical fun. We're currently rolling with 20+ active members. Our focus on quality over quantity is still as persistent as ever.


We've had plenty of videos surface since the groups revival two months ago, you can keep up to date on our videos here: http://coretactical.org/media/


If you're interested in joining a group of cool, like minded people, shoot us an application at: http://coretactical.org/apply/

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