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Help needed with Power-shell Script

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OK this one is above my head I have made a lot of Towns using the 3D editor & (Terrain Editing Suite) and then I am using ZeroG Powershell script to export to .csv but the format is now incorrect to import back into TB

Would there be any chance ZeroG or anyone can let me know how to add in the correct parameters so i can fix the Powershell script so it will export this out so i can then import it into my TB ?

i belive it now need to export :- Template name;X;Y;Yaw;Pitch;Roll;Scale;Rel Height;

$d = gc mission.biedi 																								
for ($i=0; $i -le $d.count -2; ++$i) {                                          
   if( $d[$i] -match "POSITION" ) { 
       $pos = $d[$i].Replace('POSITION="[', '').Replace(',',';').Replace(']";','').Replace(' ', '').trim()
       if (($pos -split ';').count -eq 2) {$pos += ";0"}
       $typ = $d[$i+1].Replace('TYPE=', '').Replace(';', '').Replace(' ', '').trim().toLower() 
       $ori = $d[$i+2].Replace('AZIMUT="', '').Replace('"', '').Replace('PARENT=;', '0;').Replace(' ', '').trim() 
       $rows += $("{0};{1};{2}" -f $typ,$pos,$ori)            


sc -path 3DEditorExport.csv -value $rows																			
(gc 3DEditorExport.csv | select -Skip 1) | sc 3DEditorExport.csv

Edited by 1PARA{God-Father}

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God Father, I'm able to just use this handy tool from NeoArmageddon to convert from ZGM converter's output to CSV. However I cannot find that small tool right now. Hope anyone else can chime in on where to find it?

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