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Crashing when starting game

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This game is first of all so frustrating because it crashes all the time, I regret having spend my money on it. But if you somehow can manage to get this game bug free, it might become a great experience on a Windows tablet.

ThinkPad W530

Nvidia Quadro K2000M (Nvidia Optimus)



Samsung 840 Evo 500GB

Version 1.3170

- The game crashes when I start it.

- Windowed mode doesn't work

- Horrible on an AZERTY keyboard, and I have no clue what to assign my keys to in the first configuration window.

- Black screen upon launch (in full screen mode this can be fixed by alt tabbing out and alt tabbing back in)

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Well Sir, I think either ArmA does not like your Workstation(!) GPU, or your GPU does not like ArmA.

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