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Octanen & Friends - EU West - Wasteland - Invite you for some fun.

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Hey Guys i need a hand here.

So me and some guys got together, and thought "We wanna do our best and give back to the community"

So we got a dedicated server box, hosting a 60 Slot Wasteland server with Base Saving and more.

But we need your help to STRESS test, and hell you might even like what you see.

Filter: "Octanen" in the Hostname and join the fun.


What we can offer is:

  • Active Administrators
  • Stable and powerfull server
  • Mission kept up to date / Updated and stats saved.
  • Base Saving
  • Player Stats Saving (Money, Items, Position etc.)
  • Vehicle, Guns & General Stores
  • A awsome atmosphere
  • Experienced Players who want to help out if needed be.

We could really use some players to test our server, and also the mission :)

We are also in the works of creating a community since we got other servers running as well, so we hope to see you all there :)

So you are all invited!

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Can't add you for some odd reason :S Oh well at least i know youre here now :D

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