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Baretail RPT viewer

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I'm not entirely sure if this counts as a 'community made utility' as there's no evidence the authors play Arma 3, but as this is likely to be the place where most users will go looking for something like this, let's assume they do. They might well do -we don't know. :)


Baretail is a Windows tail program, it's used for monitoring log file. I use it for watching RPT files in real time especially on my servers. . I've not tried the Pro version, it has some cool stuff like better log searching.

As the RPT is updated by the game, you can see the lines being added as it happens. Unlike a traditional file editor, it doesn't need to reload the file for you to see the new lines, it updates itself. This is why it's called a 'tail' as it watches the tail of the file.

The feature that I like is the highlighting. You can tell it to look for occurrences of certain text and highlight any it finds. My debug output always starts with 3 asterisks and it colours those is yellow.

http://puu.sh/8hn93.png (157 kB)

And for real errors, if highlighting is set to look for the text __cur it will find most script errors on server rpts. Here's what happens when you use a sleep in a called function. Duh. :)


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