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People without ADDONS can still connect.

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Hey Guys.

So i have a rented server, and it all works nice and dandy. EXCEPT a small hiccup.

We have added some mods to our server;


Now we want to put it so that people that DO NOT have these mods installed and activated, will simply get kicked :)

But for some odd reason, Arma 3 "vanilla" players can still connect, the only difference is that this message shows up;


Now i have been tinkering with the CFG to make it how it should be... yet... nothing.

Soo here it is, along with they image of the key folder.

// Octanens ArmA 3 Server Config
// comments are written with "//" in front of them
steamPort = 8766;
steamQueryPort = 27016;

hostname = "Octanens Playground #1 // PUBLIC COOP // withSIX 4 MODS // JSRS/SOS & Blastcore ON";			// Name of your server that is shown on the in-game server browser and 3rd Party Server browsers
password = "";				// Password for your server (Make it "" to have no password)
passwordAdmin = "x0x0";	// Server Admin password (Type #login <the password specified in "passwordAdmin"> in the chat to login as admin)
reportingIP = "master.gamespy.com";		// IP address which your server will report to

// WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day")
// It can be several lines, separated by comma
// Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval

   "__________     SYSTEM MESSAGES __________",
   "Welcome to Octanen & Friends PUBLIC COOP!",
   "IMPORTANT   Verify Signatures is enabled",
   "TS3 Server:     Under Construction!",
   "Web:            Comming Soon",
   "Info:           READ & RESPECT THE RULES!",
   "Rules:          NO TK'ing, NO BASE SHOOTING, NO TROLLING!",
   "__________     END OF MESSAGE __________"
motdInterval = 5;            // Time interval (in seconds) between each message

maxPlayers = 60;					// Maximum amount of players. Civilians and watchers, beholder, bystanders and so on also count as player.
kickDuplicate = 1;					// Each ArmA version has its own ID. If kickDuplicate is set to 1, a player will be kicked when he joins a server where another player with the same ID is playing.
verifySignatures = 2;					// Verifies .pbos against .bisign files. Valid values 0 (disabled), 1 (prefer v2 sigs but accept v1 too) and 2 (only v2 sigs are allowed). 

disableVoN = 0;						// If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available
vonCodecQuality = 10;					// since 1.62.95417 supports range 1-20 //since 1.63.x will supports range 1-30 //8kHz is 0-10, 16kHz is 11-20, 32kHz is 21-30
persistent = 1;						// If 1, missions still run on even after the last player disconnected.
timeStampFormat = "short";				// Set the timestamp format used on each report line in server-side RPT file. Possible values are "none" (default),"short","full".
BattlEye = 1;                                           // Server to use BattlEye system

onUserConnected = "";					//
onUserDisconnected = "";				//
doubleIdDetected = "";					//
//regularCheck = "{}";                                  //  Server checks files from time to time by hashing them and comparing the hash to the hash values of the clients. Causes heavy I/O, uncomment to disable feature - READ WARNING ABOVE - makes cheating possible!

onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)";		// unsigned data detected
onHackedData = "ban (_this select 0)";			// tampering of the signature detected
onDifferentData = "";					// data with a valid signature, but different version than the one present on server detected

// MISSIONS CYCLE (see below)
class Missions {
class ARMA3 {
	template = CO_48_WholeLottaAltis.Altis;				// Mission to load (Mission file located in MPMissions. For now I have it set to a default ARMA3 mission.)
	difficulty = "Regular";						// Server difficulty Settings (Recruit, Regular, Veteran, Mercenary)

Image of the Key Folder:


So if I am correct, everything is fine, but the server simply refuses to deny access to players that do not have these mods installed.

I have tried the "equalModRequired = 1;" But that simply also refuses access to players with the mods installed.

Since i have made a support ticket to my server host, but they are rather slow due to holidays, i thought i would ask you Epic people of the BI forums :)

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this is how it works.

The .BiKeys in the server's keys folder white list the allowed addons if your config defines verifysignatures=2;

The mission that is running defines the actual addons required.

So if your server loads addons but the mission isnt using them, a vanilla configged player will be able top join and play

If you want to avoid this, add an item (something with a classname) from any of your hosted addons to the mission, in the mission editor, save it and upload it to your server. This mission will now have an addon requirement.

This will not stop vanilla players joining the server if no mission is loaded, but they will be kicked as soon as an addon requirement mission is loaded

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Terox, thanks alot for your reply mate.

Hm... we are using; http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147768-SP-MP-Dynamic-Whole-Map-ArmA3-Missions-by-SaOk

Since im still learning the ropes of scripting, but i do know how to edit and what to look for, any ideas where i should start, since this mission does support the mods, but yeah... im confused.

--- Edit

Figured it out... i think ;)

mission.sqm file has to have the addon lines in it.

I edited the mission.sqm file, but now even tho i have the addons turned on in Arma 3 client, this is the errors i get inside the Server Log (odd that it wont show up as a client error within the game it self, like it used to)

19:22:00 Missing addons detected:
19:22:00   R3F_Famas_F1_HG_DES
19:22:00   R3F_HK417S_HG _DES
19:22:00   RHARD_MK18AFGD_F
19:22:00   PEQ15_A3_Top
19:22:00   FHQ_optic_AC11704
19:22:00   FHQ_optic_LeupoldERT_tan
19:22:00 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.R3F_Famas_F1_HG_DES, R3F_HK417S_HG _DES, RHARD_MK18AFGD_F, PEQ15_A3_Top, FHQ_optic_AC11704, FHQ_optic_LeupoldERT_tan
19:22:00 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\WLADialog.hpp, line 95: '/WLaDialog/controls/RscCheckbox_2500.onCheckBoxesSelChanged': Missing ';' prior '}'

---- Latest Edit and final :)

Got it all to work like a charm, there were some issues, when editing mission files and adding the addons through notepad++, got tierd of it and did it the annoying way, opened the mission in editor, added the "Used by addon" placeholders somewhere on the map, and now it works like a charm :)

But thank you very much again for the point in the right direction Terox.

Edited by Octanen

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