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50 cal proxy

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So, as used to digging through mountains of official PBOs as I am, I've yet to stumble across the venerable 50 cal proxy we all knew and loved from previous titles. I've found the relevant textures and rvmats lurking away in some pbo, but had no luck what-so-ever with finding an actual proxy.

I'm aware that there aren't quite as many vehicles that 'visually' use the 50cal model (the armed offroad is one of the few that spring to mind), and given the high level of animation going on with that 50cal, I assume the proxy system has been dropped due to animation limitations? Are people reusing the A2 model instead, and referencing the A3 textures? Or have I overlooked some goodie bag somewhere where the updated 50cal model and anim was given out for ref and reuse?

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