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[SP] Rebel Countdown

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After flushing out NATO forces from Altis, AAF is able to focus on FIA movement. Due to technological advantage the plan to wipe out FIA is going according to plan. Your mission is to eliminate small FIA camp in Nifi. After completing the task and if your squad will be in decent shape you will go south of Charkia to assist in destroying the base in the east of Altis.

- combined arms type mission(you are just a cog in the machine)

- 2 endings

- voice acting... by me...

- some waypoints created by scripting

Steam link:


3 days of work... and it seems to work.

Version: 1.1

- more voice acting

- small fixes

- better ending

Version: 1.02

- added another savegame point

Version: 1.01

- move civilian vehicle a little

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