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A wierd pattern appears to be emerging

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Call Of Duty Ghosts is suffering from performance problems:


Battlefield 4 is suffering performance problems:

There is literally hundreds of posts...


ArmA 3 is suffering performance problems.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it a bit suspicious to be seeing this across multiple platforms? And game engines, meaning it implies the code-bottleneck is not in the games them selves?

Why are all 3 games suffering effectively the same problems?

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Not trolling... just look.

Total swiss cheese with performance issues:


I don't play Wasteland.

Battlefield 4:


Call of Duty Ghosts:


Almost all identical issues:

The evidence is there, no matter what rig people have GTX 780 I7-4770k etc. They are still having problems.

I have been investigating arma 3's performance issues very deeply I even went back to the root such as Operation flashpoint and ArmA 2 / ArmA 2 OA. Trying to find some link between performance issues and the game. In the Forums, reading thread after thread after thread. Trying to pin-point the issue, the main problems were introduced just After Armed Assault 1 and ArmA 2. Before that Operation Flashpoint suffered repeated crashes and memory instability issues. Bohemia tried over-come addressable virtual memory limitations with 32bit applications by using the file-operation API.

So far I have tested:

1. Antivirus Hooks (Which may slow down responsetimes)

2. Max-GPU frames-ahead (Pre-rendering)

3. Forced Pre-rendered frames upto old nvidia equivlents of 10 frames in the .cfg file by Readonly locking the file

4. Seen benchmarks for high clock speed CPU's it appears that this misconception is not true, higher clock speed is a marginal improvement, and 1 I7 which was the I7-920 2.66Ghz was gaining the same 43 frames per-second as a I7-4770k.

5. Tried every single parameter and startup permutation including custom memory allocators

6. Forced Nvidia Control Panel settings such as deferred Anti-aliasing

7. Forced Performance mode for arma 3.exe

8. Elevated Permisions for ArmA 3 as "adminstrator"

9. Done up-scaling and down-scaling,

10. GPU analysis and CPU analysis including tampering with thread execution priority.

... the list goes on and on....

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2013 was awful.

You are very correct that ARMA, Battlefield and Call of Duty as well as Total War: Rome II all have big technical issues and both GTA V Online and SimCity weren't working so well when they first came out either. And what happened to The War Z lol? Hopefully Metacritic ratings as low as 2-4 (which we have seen for even big games such as Diablo 3) will make players trust less blindly in developers no matter who they are and the investors will start thinking about what players want.

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I see it as developers just releasing a unfinished product and having us all pay for beta releases. They then are patching the bugs. Maybe they cut out the paid testers or something. Who knows but it is the way these games are going and I hope it stops soon

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