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[SP Campaign] Operation Trident (RWO Release)

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Operation Trident

RWO Release

By Kommiekat

Version 1.0

Location: Portugal Guinea

Game version: ARMA2: Combined Operations

Game Mode: Single player Campaign

Inspired by true events


"The war in Guinea has been termed "Portugal's Vietnam". The main indigenous revolutionary insurgent movement, the Marxist African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde or PAIGC was well-trained, well-led, and equipped and received substantial support from safe havens in neighbouring countries like Senegal and Guinea-Conakry.

The jungles of Guinea and the proximity of the PAIGC's allies near the border proved to be of significant advantage in providing tactical superiority during cross-border attacks and resupply missions for the guerrillas."

WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guinea-Bissau_War_of_Independence

Download Link:




* Intro/Outro

* Custom music

* Awesome Guerra do Ultramar Mod

* 10 mission campaign


Arma 2/OA/CO 1.62




Guerra do Ultramar

-by Dimitri_Harkov



Arty script


Mortar script


Upsons Patrol






-by Nettrucker

Part_10: The Final Push infantry battle concept

-by Texkaz

Beta Testers



Thanks bros! Could not have done it without you.

Included files:

All necessary scripts, sounds, jpeg and music.


Just extract the zip-file and copy the the folder "Operation Trident" into your Arma2\Campaigns folder.

Known Issues:

Not tested with any other mods, addons nor AI Mods such as ACE, SLX, GL4 and Gunters CoWarMod.

Use at your own risk.

Bug Reports:

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions or comments, please post them in this thread or PM.

Have fun!

Edited by Kommiekat

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Congrats on the release. :)

I will play someday for sure, now i remember missions to good ;)

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Great work Kommiekat...

Just downloading now.

Will let you know my feedback.

Intro screenshot is promising !

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Hey guys, thanks for downloading.

Keep in mind, it's a very simple camp. No big Oscar Award winning editing techniques.

Just sweet and simple.

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Mission #1: Recon

Quite a change to have a flying mission, and piloting an Alouette II helo is quite unique in the Arma series.

Overview and Briefing

These 2 are well made, and up to the job they are supposed to do.


Sorry to say that, but the into is of sub-optimal quality. It just shows a squad of infantry running in formation, I have no information at what forces I am looking at, and there are even Taki women in their veils! No storytelling at all here.


Quite balanced for an aerial recon mission, it features no action at the beginning, with more and more enemies until the end, but it can be beaten without being shot out of the sky. I thought I liked the color filter at the start, but once airborne, it provides for very limited visibility, so I would not mind to play this mission in bright sunshine ;).

Mission 2: Commandos

Overview and Briefing

Both are up to the usual standard, except for the missing weapons selection, which leaves me on an assault over pretty much open ground with a short-range UZI SMG.


I am sorry to sound harsh here, but this mission has to be re-designed from ground up, as it stands I see no way to complete it. Here are the showstoppers and ways to improve them.

-Overall mission design: A small Commando squad has to attack a target despite at least 3 separate groups of enemy forces. One other Commando squad is available, but they decide to enjoy the slaughter show instead of acting as a blocking force. This sounds absolutely UN-Real-World-Ops.

-Size of enemy forces/script used: Feels like you use UPS (which I also do), but the problem with it is that it is easily overdone, due to it's info-sharing abilities. I am rather convinced that ANY enemy unit on the map converges on the player once detected, which quickly becomes totally overwhelming.

-Time of the day: Night falls in quickly which makes the enemy who engages from a distance virtually invisible, yet the AI can still see and target you.

Suggestions for improvements:

-Add 2 blocking squads, one along the river, one along the road, with the player squad racing towards the barn and extracting the hostages. A gunship helo suppressing the enemy would be a good idea as well.

-Tone down the size of enemy forces if the suggestion above is still not enough to balance the mission

-Change the time of day to allow for sufficient visibility. You could start the mission at sunbreak, instead of sunset, for example.

So, to set my negative tone into perspective: The suggestions above look like less than 5 minutes work in the editor, and then with 1 or 2 additional playtests, you could have a well enjoyable and excellent missions at your hands. :)

Mission 3: Occupation

Does not work at all. The briefing does not work at mission start, and once in-game, my Arma2 crashed everytime I attempt the mission --> campaign cheat enabled.

Mission 4: Patrol boat

The briefing does not work here as well, so I am stuck with that crappy UZI (no weapons selection) until I can grab a better rifle from the enemy. What is noticeable through all the missions of this campaign I have played so far: Own forces are VERY reluctant to engage, whereas the enemy poorly trained guerillas start to engage at 500 m, usually with devastating accuracy.

The mission design of this particular mission is also lacking. The left bank of the river contains some enemy shooters who decimate my squad while on the boat (due to the reluctance of the MG gunner to engage), there is a fighter jet constantly circling overhead, yet I cannot call in CAS let alone it does not engage the enemy on its own. The villages themselves are littered with garbage and good cover from bushes, so engaging the well-concealed enemy is a constant game of advance-be killed-reload. Very tedious. Having that CAS jet engage the enemy would really help.

Mission 4: Village Clearance

This mission also suffers from bugs and I was not able to clear it. To begin with, the squad starts behind a bridge which is a sure recipe for desaster. The consequence of this starting location is that our Ferret armored car cannot make it beyond the bridge. Clearing Alpha and Beta villages is the usual stuff, but I notice that my medic does not respond to my orders, nor does my squad respond to stance orders (they do fire on designated targets however). This bug and the unfortunate bridge leads to a shortage of men and weaponry and I am hopelessly outgunned at the crossroads on my way to Charlie. Sorry to say that, but this mission lacks enjoyment as the last one.

Mission 5: Mortar

Interesting mission in so far, as I play on the African side. Rather easy, I just bombard the enemy positions with my mortar, and the weak counterattack is held at bay by my compatriots while I spend the whole mission in Artillery computer mode.

Mission: Under Fire!

A very short mission, and I am just running away from artillery fire. I am not sure if this would justify being a single mission on its own, but I like the "black out" CutRsc effect.

Mission: Morter Hunting

This mission appears to be bugged and has balancing problems. During my playtest, I dispose of a squad in an uphill battle, kill the crew of both mortars on top of that hill, yet the objective does not tick off. What's more, on the way downhill we are bumped by a whole squad of enemy infantry which descend like a brick on us. No chance of beating them with just the 5 survivors of my squad.

Mission: The Sweep

This is a really excellent mission! Playing as sniper, it is sometimes very hard to hunt down the enemies, and finally after the second objective I spend all my ammo and habe to grab a G3 rifle which makes the task even harder, but definitely do-able. This hide-and-seek-play has something totally OFPish to it ;).

Misson: The Final Push

This mission starts impressive enough with a huge Rebel task force attacking well fortified positions, but it is another impossible mission as well. Even before the first line is successfully dealt with, my squad has been wiped out and I stand no chance of dealing with the prowling full enemy squad alone. And this only about 1/3rd into the mission, objective-wise!

Needs additonal tweaking for balancing.

Campaign verdict

Missions vary greatly in quality, this is basically the foundation and should be improved further. I would like to see this recreated in ArmA3 in the upcoming A3 version of the mod used - with all my criticism taken into account and cinematics added. :D

Edited by Mathias_Eichinger
Additional misson testing

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Mission: Under Fire!

A very short mission, and I am just running away from artillery fire. I am not sure if this would justify being a single mission on its own, but I like the "black out" CutRsc effect.

EDIT: Accidental double post, admins, please delete.

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