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ZEUS Experts, question for you

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Greetings Zeus modders. I run the BECTI mission and wanted to use Zeus. I want to apply it to the Commander, this way he can pan around and build bases with ease (like it was done in Arma 2). However, I want to limit his ability to pan around in Zeus mode to within X meters of the team MHQ.

Is this possible in Zeus?

If so, how do I do this, where do I start?


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Link Will help you with the basic understandings and should provide a guideline along the way.

Next understand some limitations with a mission already made and script issues you'll run into.

1.Anything created by the mission won't be controllable by Zeus. (Unless you sync it which this will help with that. Link )

2.If you get that far you'll find some objects still won't sync and that is because you'll need to modify the functions and scripts within the BECTI.pbo (This might help you there Link

a.Took me forever to find this little tidbit Link

b.And this will help even more Link And Link

3.I left off around createUnit and createVehicle syncing and am that far.

4.Also AI spawned by Zeus may be a bit OP, which is why many are preferring the PvP side of it.

I've got a working version that lets the GM do anything it wants on our 88th Blue Devils Dedicated Server. Jump on and take a copy but realize its not endorsed by anyone and i probly broke a few things. But it works for what we want so far.(Sorry for ad, trying not to be like that guy advertising in everyones Zeus threads about his mission and his server and his community and how great it sounds)

Also like many in the community I only started learning about Zeus for the past two days and got this far. I'm hoping theres some that can go further.


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