Hello,   We are here, again in November, for some news about the next H&M major release for 2021.   Random graffiti: Now, population also share their disapproval through graffiti. This feature come with the database support of graffiti and ACE tag. Both can be removed with spray paint red.   Animals: Just don't kill them.   Clean up IED rubbish: You can now remove rubbish to clear roads.   Reputation notification: You can optionally see a notification every time you do something changing noticeably your reputation. The color intensity reflect how much that thing was good or bad.   BI respawn: Now BI respawn is used to redeploy units to FOB and rallypoint but also optionally to some helicopters, vehicles and even your leader. Those respawn location can be selected through ACE interaction or BI respawn menu.   Static on roof: Now city could be defend by static mounted on roof to prevent helicopter player rush.   Extended BI vehicle in vehicle and towing system: Now BI vehicle in vehicle is compatible with any vehicle and is persistent. Also, the towing system has been rewritten.    Under the hood: Drop most of scheduled environment because unscheduled environment is way faster. Add auto restart and shutdown server.   I hope you will enjoy!
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