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[MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

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19 hours ago, Vdauphin said:


Tested with the same parameter and mission version (with the last Project OPFOR undated today), it works like a charm

May you just changed player side to EAST or set EAST friendly to WEST



Hi Vdauphin,


we haven't changed *anything*.


Units spawned in by Zeus are functional, they will attack as expected. Yesterday we had kuemmel on the server and he didn't find anything either.


I will try testing around a bit when I have more time.


Thanks for your help - and for the mission. Very much appreciated.

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Yo Vdauphin!


I've just moved latest H&M over to Takistan and noticed that we cant lift some of the vehicles from RHS, both as vehicle and wreak


fnc\log\lift_hook - boundingBoxReal:


"] rope length : 10"


Edit: I cant lift (Deploy ropes+Hook)






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The Hearts and Minds mission 1.19.8 hotfix is here!

Now H&M requires CBA and ACE3 only. But there is also a RHSUS version!


Changelog :

  • Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
  • FIX: Can't sling load wreck and some RHS vehicles since 1.94 (@Vdauphin).
  • FIX: Enemies don't spawn inside the city radius (@Vdauphin).


Have fun!!!

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