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Arma 2 to Arma 3 Automatic Road Conversion

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I'm working on a process to automatically convert Arma 2 "roadnet" roads (the interconnected road piece models) to Arma 3 "shapefile" roads (vector roads), with almost no manual intervention. The application currently:

  • Reads an unbinarized ".wrp" file, extracting the object list.
  • Reads each unbinarized road ".p3d" to find the snap point (from the memory lod).
  • Pieces together all of the individual road pieces on the map.
  • Generates extra points on curved roads (the smoothness is configurable).
  • Joins long straight stretches into a single line.
  • Sorts each road segment into the appropriate layer (making layers and Arma 3 road types such as "asf1", "asf2", and so on).
  • Writes out a shapefile ready for direct import into Terrain Builder.

The end result is something like this:


The road shapes should exactly match what was in Arma 2, hopefully requiring almost no manual work to have properly aligned and "attributed" roads.

I've uploaded samples of Chernarus and Takistan (APL) which should load straight into Terrain Builder's "Import Shapes" option.

I'm not sure when I'll get time to go through releasing it as a stand alone tool, but I'm happy to convert existing maps if anyone is working on A2 to A3 conversions. It literally takes 5-20 seconds to run on a map, and I wrote it mainly to encourage authors of some of my favorite A2 maps to upgrade. ;)

Here's Chernarus, converted and displayed in the QGIS shapefile editor (it is easier to assign colours to layers in QGIS):


And Takistan:


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A truly impressive accomplishment!!

This looks like a MASSIVE timesaver, and would be of tremendous benefit to anyone with an Arma 2 map to post - which is most of us!!!

Well done Ian - absolutely terrific piece of work!!!


Here's a couple of fast screenshots from an early test-run of this impressive tool on my little Arma 2 "Carraigdubh" map which IanB was kind enough to use as one of his test terrains...


Road network correctly imports - one layer per road type - all pre-classified for use with Arma 3 roads...


Road network in Buldozer - (using default Arma 3 textures - for now)...

Terrific stuff!!!


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Amazing Work! Such stuff is really usefull.

Can you also generate road segments from shapefiles?

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Can you also generate road segments from shapefiles?

Unfortunately not, that would be an entirely different problem. I'm fairly certain that functionality is available in VBS' Visitor 4 though; the roads in VBS are first done in shapefiles and then converted to road pieces (unlike Arma 3 which seems to just work from vector roads).

I do have a few ideas floating around regarding generating fences and forests from shapefiles, though.

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