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Heli observing and pickup

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So, hi there,

quickish question :

What I want to do :

An AI controlled heli reaches an area, and then moves in a pattern (circle) around said area/point. Then upon throwing a smoke grenade, thrown by a friendly unit, the heli is supposed to come out of it's waiting pattern, and pick the crew up. (the he flies the away, duuuh ;) )

What i know how to do :

Basically everything, exept the waiting patter. Well, I know how to do it, with waypoints for instance, but how not how to move it out of the circle.

How would you guys do it?


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So, I eventually got it done myself :P

For those who wonder : Markers. I used a trigger to move the final waypoint (LOAD) along a set of coordinates. The heli would follow the waypoint. To end the circle I used an event handler on a friendly unit on the ground to move the LOAD Waypoint to a thrown smoke grenade. The heli would then land there and allow troops to get in.

if anyone cares, I don't mind explaining further or even uploading a sample mission. :)

Weparo out

PS: But if anyone else has done something similar, please let me know how you did it

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