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Gunter Severloh

[WIP] A3WarMod - a WarMod for Arma3

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An update of where I am at:

  • I have acquired 27 permissions, 18 of those were through pm with modders, 1 through skype, 1 through armaholic, and 7 are licenses,
    and still waiting for 5 to respond yet.
  • Still doing alot of tweaking and testing
  • Still need to test roughly 22 addons/mods yet (probably more with my recent decision, including looking at SLX files)
  • Need to build readmes
  • Still need a logo to represent the mod (like COWarMod had), (will have my friend do it as hes done all my graphics work)
  • After alot of thinking I have made a decision on including AI addons/mods in the mod so i will be testing them (will also need to acquire permissions for them as well)

Other thoughts

Been debating whether to record a video yet, but when i do for the time being I may just do a quick demo of a firefight

to give at least an idea of what the mod is like so far. Mod changes so much during the week, Im adding and pulling files because of testing, there are a

concentrate number of addons in the mod that are final its just a select handful that I am working with to make sure things are working.

There will be some addons in the mod that I will not have in the addons folder because of conflicts with other files, basically 1 file does something

very similar to what another does, and doesn't work, or you have 2 working versions, so its either or, i will go with the one I prefer in the mod

and leave it up to the player to decide what they want and of course the readmes I will have will highlight the mods files

and what each file does, how to customize, ect,.

Readmes vs Website info

I may....and Im still thinking about it, only have basic readmes in the mod like installation, credits, and permissions but then use a website

like github (idk still looking, may just use the WarMod website) to post all the info about mod files, and what each file does, I may not use my WarMod

website because of how it looks, I find it rather drab sometimes depends on the info.

Maybe a wiki type site, or github to better outline, and highlight the mod more so the info for it can be found easy, as I think the community would rather

go to a website then read a bunch of readmes on whats in the mod, let me know what you think about this and what sites

you would recommend w/ links if you know of some.

All for now.

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Hey there.

I am very interested in helping and eager to learn how to bring dismemberment. Burnt charred corpses into ArmA 3.

So just the player model needs to be changed and gored up?

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Hi, all i can suggest is download COSLX for Arma2CO and upbo the SLX_Wounds.pbo and research it.

As far as your question, to the best of my knowledge and understanding yes the model needs to be changed in such a way that allows the limbs to be separated, or...maybe

theres a possibility of deleting the body and replacing it with a new model of a created dismembered corpse, and of course with blood, but thats beyond

my skills and tbh im not interested in learning how, im a compiler at heart the WarMod series is a customizable compilation mod.

There are some things I know how to do, and from COSLX I am only porting over a few of the features from that mod.

If you want to do as I suggested though I can guide you into a direction, but the rest you'll have to research and do yourself, i've got my hands full with this new version I'm building.

As for a quick update on A3WarMod

I'm still waiting on permissions for 4 requests, and Im still tweaking the mod, and still doing testing, i ran into one bug on monday and Im yet to figure

out what the issue is, nothing major just one feature isn't working like it did last week, this is what takes the mod so long to get released, waiting for permissions,

testing, bugs, trying to figure out what the bug is, and then readmes, and making decisions.

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1. All but 3 permissions have been granted, the two authors haven't been on in a few months so idk if they will be included,

and the other I am still waiting a response as I had only recently sent out the pm.

2. 24 Total Permissions (24 mod authors i sent pms too) 7 licenses that allow me to use and redistribute, and 44 Total Mods

(so far this is not including AI mods).

3. 31 mods will not be in the mod and the reason for that:

-not interested in some of the mods

-mods features already covered by other mods in the mod

-1 dont work when in the mod with the other mods

-1 is to big to include its 365mb

4. No readmes have been done yet (to early).

5. Been working on an idea for a logo to represent the mod along with some research.

6. Ran into 2 bugs while play testing this past week, and weekend one I have solved so far, the other I have somewhat solved I got the feature that was broke

working again but only because I am recompiling the mod which means I create a new mod folder and add in the features/files I know work and add mods in

1 by one til I the one feature dont work anymore, so this is tedious.

7. I have one member from the community who has offered to test a list of SLX files for me.

8. I plan on creating some WIP vids to demonstrate some of the features of the mod once I get this bug sorted and the mod recompiled.

9. I have been messing around with some of the AI mods, so far I have done ASRAI, GL5, AISS2-(i did get permissions for this a while back from Miky),bcombat,FFIS so far

results was a disaster as soon as I added FFIS in there I ended up having at random times machine gunners standing in doorways shooting at walls nonstop.

AI mod testing

AI testing will be tricky and Im still up in the air about which ones atm I will have in the mod already setup for when the mod is ready for download, but the AI mods

that wont be in the addons folder of A3WarMod on release will be in a customization folder, so atm im really just testing them but at same time trying to find a balance

and a nice feel for how they add to the mod and effect the AI together, and also considering too watching to make sure all the other features in the mod aside the

AI mods are still working as they should.


Other additions to the mod

As I said previously I will try to get some SLX features in the mod that will be ported from COSLX,

the list below is what is being currently tested to see if they even work in Arma3:

SLX_GunSmoke: Gun smoke effects based on real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Impacts: Bullet impact effects based on real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Suppression_Effects: When people are shot at close enough a lot they duck lower, breathe quickly, and their hands shake a little.

Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

SLX_Anim_AT_Lying: Adds the prone posture while using launchers.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Anim_Swim: Adds slightly faster, slightly less tiring swimming.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Anim_Crawl: Make the fast crawl mode faster. Based on real life personal experience of crawling.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Anim_MoveTransitions: Faster stance changes. Based on real life footage.

Dependencies: None.

SLX_Anim_WeaponTransitions: Faster weapon switching and stance changes.

Based on real life footage and personal experience.

Dependencies: None.

These 2 are already working and in the mod:

SLX_Effects: Rocket engine and missile smoke effects. (updated this file and it now works in Arma3)

Dependencies: None.

SLX_ExplosionDust: Makes explosion dust last longer based on the size of the explosion. (updated this file and it now works in Arma3)

Dependencies: None.

All for now.

Edited by Günter Severloh

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Was recently asked the ETA of the mod and how its going, here was my answer:

How is it going with A3WarMod, any ETA?

Going to say spring sometime.

-right now im limbo with the mod, haven't worked on it in the past week, been to busy with other things in RL, and tired/Arma burnt out

-need to do more testing

-need to make some more decisions on some stuff I've been sitting on for a while

-all permission requests i had sent out I have all been approved, need to send out a few more for new stuff

-waiting on some mods to update before i can even release

-need to still design a mod logo

-need to build readmes yet

-still need to look at the configs for some of the COSLX features I'd like to implement, but may wait on it and just add them with a patch, idk atm

Mod really hasn't moved much since my last post here other then I have a new build of the mod as

I had a bug and had to do a process of elimination just to figure out which mod it was that was causing the bug.

Other then that, havent really been able to play, or motivated too in the past couple of weeks, somewhat burnt out on Arma atm and currently have a situation

at home with trying to get to work as my truck wouldn't start at beginning of the week :j: also dealing with financial issues of trying to get my vehicle fixed,

and other stuff namely debts.

Edited by Günter Severloh

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Hey guys wanted to give you an update, its been about a month since my last post.

I havent really been working on the mod, just been very busy with my job trying to pay off this one debt I have so i been doing alot of overtime at work

and been tired from it, so havent really been motivated or having the energy to work on it.

I ve done a few tweaks, I have been keeping up on the updates posted on Armaholic for the mods i do have in the mod so nothing short there.

Basically where I am at with the mod when I get back to it is a repeat of the lat post, still readmes, ect,.

Mod is playable just theres nothing to customize so to speak as I dont have the folders setup where you can add a mod and or remove a mod, so far

its just a compiled mod of many gameplay mods.

I'm going to say start of April I will get back to it, as I have a deadline with this debt i have so atm I can only presume that sometime in April could be a possibility to release

the mod as all i need to do is misc tedious crap of the mod :j: readmes something I got tired of doing after COWarMod, if any of you have played that

mod and see the amount of work in there, well A3WarMod wont have as many or as much for readmes but none the less its still tedious and boring work that imo needs

to be done because its there to inform you the player of whats in the mod, what does what, as if i dont then i will be getting the 50 questions asking.

Maybe soon if I have the energy or motivation rather I'll record a short vid of a few features in the mod.

All for now.

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Hey guys been a while, heres whats been going on with the mod.

Currently the A3WarMod is slowly being tweaked and updated as I go as updates for whats in the mod are constantly coming out which

somewhat prevents me from getting the mod done :j: aside other things.

But mainly I have directed my attention towards another version of the mod for Iron Front for IFA3 (Iron Front in Arma3)

I plan to finish that mod version first before i release A3WarMod which is alot bigger and takes a bit more time, a customized version is easier and faster

to build than a modern war version, so that is the current plan.

A3WarMod overall is somewhat complete, theres really not much more else I can add to it other then more AI mods which a couple I have already in the mod.

A quick list for you:

-Will be building a IFA3 version of WarMod first and releasing that, this wont take me long as currently I am tweaking it and working on readmes and some misc things for it

-A3WarMod will be on hold aside the consistent tweaks, and updating as well as minor research i have been doing for it

-A3WarMod still needs readmes, and a customization folder setup ( I may use just links for some things and then with all the AI mods I will use a customized folder with all mods in it,

all the AI mods in terms of size are not big at all, their like 1-2mb each at most, so its not like when its ready you'll end up download a 2gb file god forbid.

-A3WarMod atm file size is about 256mb and thats just the mod folder in the A3 directory, the final released version will probably be a bit bigger but still under

300mb not bad considering my COWarMod for Arm2CO was 745mb compressed (zipped)


About it for now, any questions let me know.

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Thanks for the heads-up!

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Still on hold with everything, been this way for the past 2 weeks.

Currently I cannot do anything as I'm still on my old computer (AMD single core cpu, Winxp32 bit, Geforce 260) lol ya!

I got my new mobo/cpu on friday, installed it sat but getting a mobo code 55 which means memory not installed, well it is, and after a ton of research

i cant figure out, so im stuck.

This is my buddies mobo/cpu he sent me, he tells me to buy a certain ramm which he has that works with this mobo and he says everything was working perfect before he

sent to me (hes a computer tech btw so he does this stuff for a living) my files, mods and ability to even play anything Arma3, let alone my other games needing 2 cores,

and win7 isn't going to happen til i get this figured out, all my work is on the other harddive, if i lose that I quit.

But with ACE3 being out now, idk looking at the mod from my current position is not the right thing to do, so i got to wait til i get back to the norm if that possible, will see.

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Fingers crossed you get it sussed...

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Ya im crossing my fingers too, lol, my buddy though since its a holiday (memorial day here) has 2 brothers that served in the military so I think hes out for the day, but only he can tell me what I need to do as he overclocked the cpu, did all sorts of stress tests ect,. and everything passed, he said that the ramm I bought is the same as he has that he used in the mobo he sent me, and he had no issues, its what he told me to buy as its the same ram he uses on his own computer, but he said everything worked good, and hd was fine too,

so Im really just waiting til he gets on steam so we can go over this, and figure out whats making the lod 55 come up.

I'd really would prefer to continue the mod, i've come along way and i think you guys would really enjoy it, ACE3 was released not to long ago so I was already on my old

computer when it came out so I had no chance to really test it out and look at the files and see if I could use the mod (of course with permissions).

But with ACE3 what i would do with it is test it, and look at the features, ect,. and then update my current version of A3WarMod to utilize the features in there

as I'm sure some AGM files are obsolete now, I may wait on ACE3 though as it is still work in progress or just include it and just patch the mod when ACE3 gets updated again.

again if those fans of my mod series know my mods from previous play with them, you will know that they are built for run n gun realism

kinda of the term i use for it. What that means is the mod is not hardcore manual realism, theres some realism to a point, but most of the mod is geared for cool features that just make

the game funner, an example of this would be Laxmann's cam shake's when a tank is firing close, or an automatic zoom on the infantry weapons, ect,.

Lastly my focus will be my IFA3WarMod for the IFA3 mod for Iron front in Arma3, before I get into A3 itself.

Until I get my normal computer situated, i will post again then, thanks for the support Serjames.

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We're in a holding pattern for ACE3 too. A few bugs need ironing out before we jump. Looks good though :-)

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Sounds good.

Well some good news, apparently the ramm I ordered was different version of the same type that my buddy had, he sent me the wrong link, thing was the error i was

getting was because the ramm needed to be in the black slots when normally they go into the grey slots, so all is good, nothing lost, im back to work.

As said i will be working on the IFA3WarMod version first, release that then work on A3 version itself as its bigger and requires more time and testing.

All for now.

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Hey bravo409, late reply,

I will get back to you on some ideas, right now Im mainly working on a version for IFA3 Iron Front

If you have some ideas for either A3WarMod itself which is a modern day mod, and also for the IFA3 please send me a pm and let me know.

Just to note check out the other mod logos I have used for my other WarMod mods in my series to get an idea of what im generally after, thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the heads up Gunter, looks like a great list of features you plan to have.

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I could not agree more about the God awful sway. I only updated my game once since the 'bootcamp' update due to the threat of recoil, sway, and fatigue mods being permanently broken. I cannot fathom having to play with the outrageous sway BI implemented way back when. I would love to fire from vehicles but cannot bring myself to update due to this threat.

This combination of mods/addons seems very intriguing. The gore/dismemberment/blood is the most exciting to me. Hopefully it will somehow be brought into Arma 3 through the Arma 2 version or a new gore mod. Something that needs to be kept in mind is that BC: Phoenix is included and it overrides lingering blood mist and uses its own blood which disappointingly disappears after a split second. So, a lingering blood mist that works with BC installed would be nice. Any gore/dismemberment mods would need to take into account the effect BC has as well.

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I cant wait for this mod :bounce3:..when you rolled this mod out in ARMA 2OA its was absolutely brilliant, your continuous

efforts and time to improve IFA3 is very much appreciated and Im sure the whole community will enjoy it, keep up the great work. :thumb:

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Thanks fellas.

looks like a great list of features you plan to have.

Thats just a few I listed thats already in the mod, im tweaking a couple of them, really trying to make sure they are working.
But my recent update I added alot of new features to the mod, more actual weapons to IFA3 then gameplay features, and theres more to come.

Well you dont have to worry about the sway in IFA3 in my mod i've eliminated it, but it can be tweaked to sway a tiny bit if you like.
No sway in combination with 1:1 Sensitivity, and automatic ironsight zoom makes it ALOT easier for you to acquire targets and hit them, Im not saying easy as in you dont really need to aim, i mean you still need to work at it, but where its at now, i've eliminated alot of the frustration that goes with having to press multiple buttons,it really allows you to just focus on the enemy or threat and not deal with game mechanics.

As for Blood, gore, and dismemberment my IFWarMod for IFA2 has that, see my IFWarMod version for the Iron front version of Arma2CO: LINK
I wont have any gore or anything in the mod as theres nothing out for that, and trying to do that myself would take alot of learning about models, and code.
Only thing I have for the IFA3 version is a bleedout feature, and it applies to either Ai or the player.

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Hi Gunter, 

                 The eclectic mix of features you have compiled for the IFA3WarMod is just superb....are there still plans to bring a version of this mod over to A3? 

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Hi Evil Organ,

Ya theres still plans, I have a version already built earlier this year, i have been messing around with it on and off since then

and more so because of my IFA3WarMod release.

For what I need to do yet for the A3WarMod version is the following yet:

  • Need to do some more research as some new things have released
  • a few permissions have to be acquired yet
  • Custom loading screen with a menu video which I can use my IFA3WarMod as a template
  • Testing
  • readmes

About it really, mod is pretty much built just need to sort out the loose ends on it, but thanks for stirring me up again on this as I been really taking a break from building one.


For my IFA3WarMod has been a pretty time consuming project and its still not done, theres still many things to be added to it but I'm waiting for my coder to get some freetime,

so I am somewhat working on that still a little bit. But I will work on it and start recording some vids for it for you guys soon.

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