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AI CAS, Helicopters, & Jets


  • Let's make AI Helicopter Landings great!
  • Helicopter To Wait For All Players

Jets & Planes

  • AI calls air strike
  • Ai planes

AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting

AI Movement

  • Make AI keep disableAI "Path" on Zeus disconnect

Artillery, Mortars, & AT soldiers


  • AI Artillery Script

Mission Editing & Scripting

  • AI multiplier

AI Hunting player/group

  • Create group to chase player by script

AI Triggers & Waypoints


  • Returning the AI to waypoint behaviour

AI Squad Command, Guides, & Join

Squad Commands

  • Rejoin rogue AI units back to their original group

AI Injury & Medical

  • Make AI unconscious and pick them up?


Scripts - Adjusted spacing on script page as there were few overs paced listings.


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