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Last Update: February 28th, 2024


SP = Singleplayer Compatible
MP = Multiplayer Compatible
SP/MP = Both Singleplayer & Multiplayer Compatible
SP/MP-? = Singleplayer Compatible but unsure about Multiplayer compatibility


Air - Helicopter & Support



AI Boarding/Alighting Your Helicopter Script

by yxpoh


a simple script to get the AI units in a group to get into the helicopter that you are riding in as a pilot.


AI landing by Heli SP/MP

by Enigx


The script orders the landing of AI units via a helicopter on markers placed on the map from editor. 


AiLift - AI Reinforcement Script SP/MP
by AAmdahl

This script will allow spawned AI to transport troops, vehicles and ammo by helicopter.


AI Boarding/Alighting Your Helicopter Script

by yxpoh


A simple script to get the AI units in a group to get into the helicopter that you are riding in as a pilot.


Helicopter Air Assault Troops Anywhere SP/MP
by big_wilk


Helicopter Extraction Script SP/MP



EGX_HeliTransport system

by Enigx


The system allows you to call and manage a heli transport to and from a specific clickable area on the map.


Helicopter Service SP/MP

by 2RGT Lux


This script is for TWO helicopter of same faction (i'm workin' on two faction script) 1 attack

heli + 1 support heli ora 2 attack or ... what you want!

Hermes Airlift Services Script SP

by Rydygier & Gunter Severloh


An easy to set up yet versatile and customizable script that enables heli airlift in a scenario.  The mission creator defines

the "base" game logic, heli(s) to serve as an aerial taxi for units to be transported on demand.

HAS also provides an accompanying background chat for communications specific to typical situations, that could break procedure.


NORRN Aerial Taxi Service Script [ALPHA] SP/MP-?
by norrin

to a map point where it will land and you can disembark.


Simple Reinforcements SP/MP
by anthonyfromtheuk



Airsupport SP/MP
by VinceMagic


Close Air Support Field System SP/MP
by JW Custom


A script to add close air support to your mission.


DMC Air Patrol [bETA] SP/MP
by Demon Cleaner


A script that can spawn a configurable amount air patrol vehicles including crew.


TeamSupport SP/MP-?
by VinceMagic

HCommand Squad Mission Support.

Artillery & AT


Ai Artillery Script SP/MP

by Boerstil


Artillery to fire if someone on the same side has spotted a playable Unit.


Ambient Artillery battery Script SP/MP

by Mynock


The script is run on an artillery unit and forces the unit to aim at an object with a set barrel angle and fire

continuously until the loop is canceled.


Fire Support System SP
by Grumpy Old Man

This script package will give you AI Forward Observers ("FO") which will report spotted targets to the Fire Direction Centre ("FDC"),
who will then issue firing orders to subordinate artillery guns.

HandleArmA3Artillery Script SP/MP

by rockhount


It is a single ~100Code-Line-Big Script to let an AI controlled artillery shoot at a single destination.



AI Caching and Distribution SP/MP
by Naught

An SQF script designed to dynamically cache and distribute AI units across machines for maximum performance.


Editor based AI script by trigger SP/MP
by Murklor


Grid Caching System - GCS SP/MP

by anthariel


GCS allows the mission maker to automatically cache into the memory AIs and vehicles.

Waypoints assigned to a group or a unit are also cached and are reapplied when the unit or group is set up.

   The mission creator, if necessary, can also exclude a unit or a vehicle from the cache so

that the system does not take it into account.


SimpleCachev2 for AISSP (AI Spawn Script Pack) SP/MP
by Na_Palm
A revisited version of the simpleCache script included in AI Spawn Script Pack which does not require to execute any
controlled militarize and fillHouse script before.



Ai Taxi Driver Script SP/MP

by Boerstil


Script that is used when you want an AI to be your taxi driver.


Civilian Occupation System (COS) SP/MP
by BangaBob

Efficiently populates all towns and villages with realistic AI civilians and vehicles when needed

and removes them when not needed.



Civilian Opinion and Interaction SP/MP

by LKincheloe


Civilian Opinion and Interaction (COI) is a framework package designed to make interaction with civilians possible.

Civilian Patrol Script SP/MP
by Leberwurst

Script to simulate a living city.


Civilian Vehicles SP/MP

by zealot111


This script will automatically spawn and despawn civilian vehicles in cities around all Altis and other terrains.


Dynamic Altis Airports (Template) SP
by penneyfour
Realistic fixed wing ground and air traffic for Altis.
With this mission, all six (6) Altis airports now have working AI traffic with realistic flight plans, ground service, embellished engine sounds
(ie. spool-up, taxi, departure), taxi queues and taxi priority, hold-short at runway, departure, landing, and go-around.

Dynamic Civilian Life (DCL) SP/MP
by code34

A simple & efficient scripts that create civilians Life.



Fleeing Civilians SP/MP

by Phronk


Adds a "firedNear" eventHandler to all civilians in mission to flee into a random nearby house

and also play a random frightened animation.


L_Civs SP/MP
by LAxemann
Dynamic and MP-compatible ai traffic.

MAD Ambient Life SP/MP
by MAD T

Features civilians wandering around and cars driving around.


Driving & Patrol


Convoy SP/MP

by norrin


These scripts are designed to allow you to set up a simple road convoy that will stay in formation.

Devas Convoy & Vehicle patrol SP/MP

by Devastator_cm


AI convoy and patrol which follows roads and keeps the distance between vehicles
Defending the convoy in case they notice enemies or being attacked by enemies
Intel share related to enemy positions between convoy vehicles.


JBOY Boat Random Patrol SP/MP
by johnnyboy 23961


JBOY Boat Waypoints script SP/MP

by johnnyboy 23961


Vanilla boat AI is terrible at navigating narrow rivers this script fixes that problem.


Random House Patrol Script SP/MP
by Tophe

This script will allow you to have a unit patrol a house, randomly.


SHK Patrol [bETA] SP/MP
by Shuko

Will create waypoints in a circlish manner around the starting position of the group.


Simple Patrol Script SP/MP
by Iceman77


Spawn a random group that patrols an area.


Urban Patrol Script SP/MP
by Kronzky
Allows easy creation of randomly patrolling units, with improved AI behavior.

UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script SP/MP
by Cool=Azroul13 & Beerkan & Monsada & Rafalski


This is a personal project to enhance AI in combat and making easier mission edition.


vAiDriving Multiplayer Script MP

by LSValmont


Improved Ai Driving and Civilian Pedestrian Simulation will now also increase your FPS rather than decrease it!


vDog Patrol Multiplayer Script SP/MP

by LSValmont


vDog Main Features:

- Easily add patrolling ai Dogs to allied, enemy or even playable Arma 3 units.

- Lightweight Script. (Your FPSs will thank you!).

- Multiplayer Compatible!

- Fully featured script also comes with sound effects. (Dog barks, growls, cries etc).



Garrison script A3 [BETA] SP/MP
by zorilya

This script will allow you to make a more lively urban environment where you have to
check every window and door in every house, the Ai will patrol and garrison nearby buildings.


Garrison Units script A3 SP/MP
by MrPineapple


Here is a simple script that spawns units in buildings randomly.


Grimes' Building Occupation Script SP/MP
by Grimes [3rd ID]


This script provides the mission maker an extremely simple way to occupy a set of buildings within a radius

with a random or fixed amount of AI.


Infantry Occupy House Script SP/MP
by Zenophon


This script teleports AI units into the nearest building at appropriate window positions.


Random House Garrison Script [ALPHA] SP/MP
by Desrat


This script counts all available positions in radius, and spawns the units for you.


Shock's Building Garrison Function (SBGF) SP/MP
by JShock


Function allows a mission developer to garrison buildings in a town/city/village with a user defined

percentage based on the overall building count.


[TOG] Garrison Script SP/MP
by bp.sushi
Building garrison script you can use to populate area by placing one group in editor.


Gear & Loadout


Random loadout generator SP/MP
by zorilya

This script allows you to spawn units with random loadouts.


Syhrus's Dynamic Spawner SP/MP

by Syhrus


The Dynamic Spawner is a system that dynamically spawns units with custom loadouts, faces, voices, etc. without mods.

Halo & Parachute


by cobra4v320


Allows AI units to HALO jump and it will also work with players.



by pierremgi


All AI group units with 100 m of the caller will perform the jump. Not other players.


Simple ParaDrop SP/MP
by Beerkan


A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players.



Advanced Auto Medic Unit Script SP/MP

by TheBarret


Single medic unit that searches for injured units and travels to location to heal.

AI First Aid Support [bETA] SP/MP
by DAP

This script will add to the AI the ability to pull aside wounded teammates and give them first aid.


Ai Revive/ Heal script SP/MP

by Pierremgi


A script to allow AIs reviving and healing bros, according to parameters. This works in SP or MP.


Automedic SP/MP-?
by bardosy

This script adds a medic which does his job without the order of a squad leader.


Basic AI Medic FSM SP/MP

by austin(medic)


This FSM creates AI behaviour to simulate a medic standing around in a base that will heal people

that are injured inside the defined radius.


EGX_Medevac system SP/MP

by Enigx


The system orders the arrival, in a clickable point on the map, of a Medevac for the transport of the injured

players to the medical point and their subsequent insertion once healed.


Injured Ai simple script SP/MP

by Persian MO


Injured Ai script provide a little more realistic fight against Ais for player.



Enemy Occupation System (EOS) SP/MP
by BangaBob


Enemy Occupation System (EOS) enables mission designers to easily populate their scenarios with units. Simple place
markers covering areas of the map and EOS will do the rest.


GF Auto Population Script SP/MP



will work automatically and populate every Map and Water Maps as well , with enemies on infinite.


GF Auto Population Zombie Script SP/MP



will work automatically and populate every Map , with enemies on infinite.



Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux SP/MP
by Bon_Inf & Moser

Bon's AI recruitment script ported to Arma 3.


Configurable Motorized Infantry Reinforcement Script SP/MP

by twakkie


This script allows the mission creator to call up fast and low resource intesive reinforcements, follow waypoint

markers to an offload point and then attack a marked area.


EGX Players Transport system SP/MP

by Enigx


The system orders the transport of players from a Base Point to clickable point on the map by means of air or ground vehicles.


[FOCK] AI Recruit - Cheap and cheer full [ALPHA] SP/MP
by Mikie boy

Enables you to recruit 6 types of different units.


Simple AI Recruitment Dialog / Script SP/MP
by Dadds Army

This will allow you to recruit different types of AI into your squad.


Soldier Spawner SP/MP
by Fusion13

This is a soldier spawner script contains 2 types:
- OnMapClick that spawns a group
- Recruit Soldier system



AI Accuracy Testing Script (with Suppression)

by Er1807


Test script to determine how accurate AI is.


AI Detection test tool

by Greenfist


There's you and an enemy AI unit on the map. You try to get his attention while observing a couple of visual indicators and vital

numbers about his spotting and target tracking.
Can he see through bushes? Can you hide in tall grass? Can you flank and surprise him?

How does the gear and AI skills affect all this? etc.


ConfigAI Skills script

by Beerkan


What this script does is to set the AI skills on mission startup, then every 30 seconds checks to see if there's

any more added/spawned units. If so then gives them the same settings.


GF Set AISkill Script



Set your desired AI Skills settings.



Ai Vehicle Respawn Script SP/MP


by Pierremgi



Area Defending System (ADS) SP/MP

by Enigx


A simple and stable script for mission makers to generate a cycle of random infantry attacks

on area positioned on map from editor.


Controlled Spawn And Waypoints Randomizr SP/MP

by thy_

A simple and limited script that spawns AI units once right before the mission starts and makes those units move

randomly to waypoints forever in life, where spawn points and waypoints are pre-defined by

Mission Editor through Eden marker's positions.


Custom AI Creator SP/MP

by BlacKnightBK


Spawns AIs and sets their gear.


Enemy Spawning System (ESS) SP/MP

by Enigx


Enemy Spawning System (ESS) is a simple and stable script for mission makers to spawn


AI units on areas placed on map from editor.


Generic Ambient Combat Script SP/MP

by Nixx57


Generate vanilla units but also those of your installed mods any groups of any type (armoured, air, naval, infantry etc...) in an area

around the players (like AmbientCombat module in A2) and create waypoints in an area of 500 meters around the players.


GF Auto population Zombie Script - Mod SP/MP



Will work automatically and populate every map , with enemies on infinite ,according

the selected spawn distance and the max number of enemy.


Immediate Contact Template SP/MP
by Lazarus1177

Script dependent template allowing to quickly populate any area with OPFOR.


Infected Script SP/MP
by gulozwood

Spawns infected in houses.


Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning SP/MP
by DreadPirate


This script takes editor-based groups and respawns them when the group is eliminated.


Random Displacements SP/MP
by Drongo69

Random displacements is a set of scripts to quickly and easily setup enemy forces and objectives.
The mission maker places markers on the map for possible locations of enemy forces and edits a single .sqf file that specifies the number
and types of enemy groups in the mission. The scripts then select locations from the available markers and spawn groups at them.

Random Spawn AI Script SP/MP
by Grenadier


Small script similar to the randomSpawnTown. This creates small patrol units in non-strategic areas.


Saroghtyps Spawn script Creator - SSC SP/MP

by Sarogahtyp


Gives mission designers the ability to delete and spawn their editor created units, vehicles

and waypoints as often as they want.


Shaun - A simple zombie AI SP/MP-?
by BlueBär

Simple zombie AI Shaun.

Simple Reinforcement Script SP/MP
by Anthonyfromtheuk

When the script is triggered the units defined in the script will spawn at the marker and move towards
the player following him wherever he may go.

SLP Spawning script [beta] SP/MP
by Nomadd

You can use this to spawn units\vehicles and have them patrol,defend,attack,hunt the players group etc.


SPAWN GROUP - Advanced Module

by Pierremgi




Spawn Enemy Attacks (SEA) SP/MP

by Enigx


The system creates random enemy attacks on SPECIFIC ROUTES placed on the map from the editor during mission editing.


Vandeansons Dynamic Spawn Scripts SP/MP

by Vandeanson


A "plug and play" script package that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically

de and respawning for ongoing survival action!


by Genesis92x
This script suite is a plug-and-play script package.


Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI SP/MP

by Genesis92x


AI Modification: Faster, Smarter, and Deadlier AI.

Special Actions & Behavior


ANIMA - AI for advanced position analysis using genetic algorithms

by dwringer

ANIMA is a collection of functions and scripts for providing AI groups with terrain/position analysis capabilities that can be used,

for example, to dynamically create waypoints with tactical advantage (by criteria that can be programmatically defined), automatically land helicopters

at suitably flat/clear locations, or find places to spawn units or objects with specific visibility requirements.



ArmA 3 UnitCapture/UnitPlay functions for Infantry Units SP/MP

by ted_hou


Allows for infantry unit movement/animation/firing events to be recorded and replayed.


AI Enhanced Movement [Script] SP/MP

by johnnyboy


This script allows player to command AI team mates to climb fences and objects using

Bad Benson's awesome Enhanced Movement Mod. 


JBOY Ambient AI Interaction Framework

by johnnyboy


This script framework makes it super easy for mission maker to make bases, villages, market

places come alive with ambient AI activity.


JBOY Fly In Formation

by johnnyboy


With this script, you can make any object fly in V formation.  If you use the bird object ("seagull"), the script will play


some duck quacking sounds also.  If the object is an air vehicle, it turns engine on. 

This script is intended for ambience and cutscenes, as the flying objects have no AI. 


AI Modify - Ai Script System SP/MP

by Special Ed


The system primarily works with 1 man AI Opfor groups, and overall aims towards providing good quality

combat environments for Special Ops type scenarios.


Assistant Machinegunner and Assistant Anti-Tank SP/MP?

by RCA3


Allows the machine gunner (or anti-tank gunner) to request his group members for ammunition.


AI SAFE timer behavioral script SP/MP

by pierremgi


AI when they have been Alert or in Caution for 2 minutes, they will eventually go down to SAFE again, and have LIMITED movement of walking -

if they have not been engaged with any hostiles. Each time they become cautious and alerted, it will be a certain period of time before all

of them will switch back to SAFE and LIMITED movement when they have had no engagements.


AI Sector Scan & Suppressing Fire - Demo Script SP/MP

by aliascartoons


With this script you can simulate AI scanning a designated sector and/or shooting randomly in that general direction.


AI Sleep To Waking Up SP/MP
by beno_83au


AI sleeping in a mission, then have them wake up when required.


Angry Spartan SP/MP-?
by Rydygier

Angry Spartan makes chosen vehicles (turrets) fire at pointed objects in chosen way, with chosen effectiveness,
if chosen distance and direction conditions are met.

ARTEMIS - Hunting Instinct SP/MP-?
by Rydygier

ARTEMIS is an AI algorithm that simulates animal-like hunting behavior of controlled unit against chosen units.


BossAi Script! Units with custom Hit Point Pools, amount of lives/revives SP/MP-?
by LSValmont


This script makes a specific Ai unit simulate having a larger/smaller health pool than default Arma 3. 

Makes it communicate that it is "Down" via globalchat.


Cent Squad Link SP/MP-?
by Mr_Centipede

This script will try to mimic a cooperation between squads within the BIS High Command structure.

Combatant Detection SP/MP-?
by austin(medic)

This script mainly detects when your unarmed, or armed, then will set the AI to not attack you if your unarmed.


Controlled Spawn And Waypoints Randomizr

by thy_

A simple and Controlled Spawn and Waypoints (CSWR) solution where groups of units and vehicles will be

randomized through marks in your mission. 



Espionage Script SP/MP



Allows you to go spy on the enemy.


Firing Drill SP/MP

by willithappen


Makes AI shoot at a target/area, it could also be used to make ambient shots at a target

or for a cinematic if you needed something specific.


fn_taskRush/Hunt/Creep SP/MP

by nkenny


This thread contains three AI scripts centered around the same theme.: hunting, stalking or rushing players. 


Follow Me Script SP/MP-?

by 2RGT Lux


This script allows you to interact with the AI? You can be followed, ask to lie down, get up, get on the nearest vehicle, lie down and hide

and in case you want, adding a command, to ask for the surrender of the AI (with handcuffs).


GF Gunlights Script SP/MP



Configurable script for AI.
The usage of the flashlight will vary , according the behavior of the current AI
as ex : "AWARE" , the time of the day and the indoor usage.


GF Ravage Static Traders Script SP/MP



Spawn Static Traders on random or certain position,
for Ravage mod. Configurable script. #Caution : in order to get this work you need to add in the Editor,
a Ravage Ai module.


Group Joiner SP/MP

by Iceman77


A small UI that allows players to join and/or leave squads.


HandleAutoDeploy Script  SP/MP

by rockhount


Let AI's with specific backpack's deploy static weapons automatically in a combat.


HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition] SP/MP

by NinjaRider600 and Rydygier


Modified/updated version of HETMAN - HAL 1.22 by Rydygier


Incon Undercover script SP/MP

by Incontinentia


A complex and performance friendly undercover simulation for players and their AI subordinates.


Playing official campaign Solo with AI units SP

by samir17864


Playing the official campaign as single player might drive you crazy, due to the difficulty to pinpoint the location of the AI units firing on you

I made a small script (inspired by Killzone_Kid work in) so that I can easily pinpoint the AI player shooting.


POLPOX's Calm Animations Script SP/MP-?

This script adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.



by beno_83au


Uses beds and other user-defined objects to have AI start a mission sleeping on them.
AI can then be left asleep or woken up on command.


Sarogahtyps Simple AI Gunners - SSAIG

by sarogahtyp


Fills your current vehicle with AI in all seats where all seats can be shot from.

Smarter tanks SP/MP
by alarm9k

Armored vehicles rotate to face the threat and pick priority targets.


Suicide Bomber SP/MP

by CrispyNinja


Blow yourself up!


Suicide Bomber Script SP/MP

by Chillroy


This script allows you to recruit and arm a suicide bomber.


Support By Fire (SBF) SP/MP

by beno_83au


A set of functions that allows a user to set AI up to provide support by fire WHERE, WHEN and HOW they need it.


Super Simple Surrender script SP/MP

by Mynock


Allows you to assign a bit of code to any enemy AI unit you choose to give them a random chance

of surrendering if they are wounded in combat.


TPWCAS - TPWC AI Suppression System A3 [ALPHA] SP/MP
by Ollem

Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Dedicated Server Compatible AI Suppression System.


UnitAreasOnMap Script SP/MP
by Moerderhoschi

A script to mark areas, when units in the area, on the map.


[SP] Script Platoon Commander for Mission makers

by Ibragim A


Gives the player the ability to command a reconnaissance platoon, consisting of a player's squad and four AI squads

(two sabotage and reconnaissance, mortar support and a transport group).


Zeus Mission Generator 2.0 (AI Mission Generator)

by bijx


A powerful AI-powered Discord Bot that produces totally unique mission ideas every time.


Builds scenario ideas (no matter how ridiculous), can provide a list of objectives, and adapts to your story—or creates a new one for you! 



Click here to go back to the menu - (pg1 - 1st post)

Edited by Gunter Severloh
Updated - added new scripts
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added to the script section:

Random Displacements SP/MP

by Drongo69


Random displacements is a set of scripts to quickly and easily setup enemy forces and objectives.

The mission maker places markers on the map for possible locations of enemy forces and edits a single .sqf file that specifies the number

and types of enemy groups in the mission. The scripts then select locations from the available markers and spawn groups at them.


Any Ai addons, mods, scripts and or useful AI threads I may have missed or new, that you have found please

post your reply and let me know and i will update the list accordingly, thanks :)

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Condensed the thread putting the sections into code, by doing so the AI addons, Scripts, and discussion threads are now scrollable on the page itself.

Thread is cleaner now, also reworded some of the description a bit.


AI detection


to the AI thread section (found this thread fairly useful in discussing stealth)


Anything else i can do to make the thread cleaner, make things, standout better, or make it easier to view, as well as use, also lets not forget

any new AI enhancement files in the community not on the list please let me know.

Edited by Günter Severloh
added AI thread

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the following threads under the AI Discussions section

(going 2 months back to February in the editing scripting section)

Getting The Enemy AI To Rearm/refuel/repair?


Make AI move forward while under fire


Enemy AI using artillery


Forcing AI to fire at object/marker HELP!


Stop AI's animation


Help Making AI Jet Destroy AI Helo


Make AI Fire Full Auto By Radio Trigger?


AI parachute, then move to marker


How to get AI to destroy/attack building


How do I get AI to sit


hint "<ai rank> <ai name> reporting for duty."?


Delete AI waypoint by name


AI chopper help?


How does the AI take off in a fixed wing aircraft?


How to despawn a spawned AI on a marker


Join and later Remove AI unit from group


Grimes' Building Occupation Script


Artificial Intelligence Design in Arma 3


JIP and disable AI


Disable AI in Editor?


AI spawning after enabling trigger/waypoint


How to make the AI ​​use the flashlights




removed the word Arma3 in the title for the lists - for obvious reasons


more to come...

---------- Post added at 07:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:10 PM ----------



more Ai related threads:

AI planting Explosive


SP/ Full AI Vehicle


How make certain AI-troops respawn?


How can I make to respawn AI unit on my group?


AI spawn script


AI Spawn and despawn on trigger


Spawning AI and adding to group


Teleporting AI


AI buddy script help needed


AI position/stance


Cannot set SAFE behaviour on AI


How to make the AI Hold position?


Getting AI to Attack Civilians?


check if AI Group has less than 3 units


Limit AI Respawns with respawn "base"


AI not moving the head with anim loop script


Help with AI wave attacks


ai view distance


AI FSM Formation doStop setDestination doMove issues


Make AI Stay in Place and Rotate



thats a total of 50 pages back in the editing section, I will stop there :j: ;)

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I felt a need to find any threads that could be useful, so I saved alot of people the time consumption of doing that, but im not stopping there,

I will be going through the following sections soon:



-questions and answers

-(possibly) addons and mods complete

-addons mods discussion


- ADDONS - Configs & Scripting


So far the only section for all the threads listed are the development branch and the MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING section.

Maybe i will divide the threads into sections, so they are applicable to what their from, as you will get AI that is about how to do or implement something,

then you have AI in general, AI related to servers, AI issues, idk but will look into it to see what threads comeup for those sections.

---------- Post added at 06:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:57 PM ----------



AI Artillery - Aiming without firing


AI Attack/Destroy Neutral or Civillian Targets


Automated AI Evacuation Chopper


Spawn units looking out windows


AI script to spawn at height


Stop AI moving to first waypoint until it is triggered.


Make a line of AI tanks WAIT on spawn


Set AI team member to Advance


force AI team mates out of chopper.


confusion with AI drivers


Adding Pictures and Synopsis to the Scenario Screen of Edited Mission


Count AI Units Only


Best AI Mortar Script?


how to make this enemy spawn script multiplayer


Making AI walk to heli and get in as pilot


Spawn enemies for a counter-attack


Make AI pick up Backpack from ground


Forcing AI Panthers to fire


How to get AI units to move into newly "SPAWNED" buildings from editor??


Really need help, dynamic and random patrols


Explosion without alerting enemies, or reset alert state


How to make IA Armor and Helicopters realy dangerous for infantry


Make units join group leader.


No enemy AI on custom map when run on server


to the Threads section, also added titles so far for the sections of the forum the threads were in.

This new addition is from pages 50-72, I know i missed 1 thread I lost in the process between 64-70 which i started to list but ended up closing the page on accident dout!

Anyways may go back more pages, but all the time I have for tonight.

Edited by Günter Severloh

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by Genesis92x


This script suite is a plug-and-play script package


Varying AI accuracy

AI Communication

AI Cover

Improved Flanking

AI Responsiveness

AI Suppression

Weapon Utilization



Vehicle Disembarking

Visual Cues



to the scripts section.

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added to addons

Custom formations system SP/MP

by Igitur


This addon was initially designed to get round AI units' inability to keep formations when walking, safe, weapons lowered. I wanted something similar to Arma 2,

which I found more realistic and immersive in that regard.

Working on that, I developed the mod and added a few features to the game's formations mechanism, making the player able to define new formations at will and on the move.

It happened that the whole system worked pretty well for all combat and speed modes, allowing for a tactical use of the mod.

Dynamic-AI-Creator - DAC SP/MP

by Silola


In (so called) "DAC-zones", waypoints and units of different categories and sides are being generated. If you play a mission using DAC,

you will get a different game experience every time restarting the mission.


AiLift - AI Reinforcement Script SP/MP

by AAmdahl


This script will allow spawned AI to transport troops, vehicles and ammo by helicopter

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It could be great if you descript only server need or player also need.

Edited by kgino1045

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added to addons

ZBE Caching SP/MP

by zorrobyte


This caching script/addon enablesimulation false & hideobject true all AI units but Team Leaders if players are not within X distance

OR enemy AI units are not within X distance.

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Great job putting it all together!

I wonder if anyone has some experience which of those mods are compatible with each other/useful to combine?

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now which ai mod is considered the best to use in the campaign/single player missions or in multiplayer???


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Sorry guys cant answer those questions, you will have to wait for someone else that knows about AI specifics, I just had complied them all,

so folks wouldn't have to search all over creation.

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Added to the script section:

Combatant Detection SP/MP=?

by austin(medic)


This script mainly detects when your unarmed, or armed, then will set the AI to not attack you if your unarmed

Infantry Occupy House Script SP/MP

by Zenophon


This script teleports AI units into the nearest building at appropriate window positions.

Garrison script A3 [bETA] SP/MP

by zorilya


This script will allow you to make a more lively urban environment where you have to

check every window and door in every house, the Ai will patrol and garrison nearby buildings.

Grimes' Building Occupation Script SP/MP

by Grimes [3rd ID]


This script provides the mission maker an extremely simple way to occupy a set of buildings within a radius with

a random or fixed amount of AI.

Infected Script SP/MP

by gulozwood


Spawns infected in houses

Civilian Occupation System (COS) SP/MP

by BangaBob


Civilian Occupation System efficiently populates all towns and villages with realistic AI civilians

and vehicles when needed and removes them when not needed.

Civilian Patrol Script SP/MP

by [b]Leberwurst[/b]


use script to simulate a living city.

Random House Patrol Script SP/MP

by Tophe of Östgöta Ops


This script will allow you to have a unit patrol a house, randomly.

Simple AI Recruitment Dialog / Script SP/MP

by Dadds Army


this will allow you to recruit different types of AI into your squad.

Simple ParaDrop SP/MP

by Beerkan


A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players.

Edited by Günter Severloh
found more scripts to add to the list

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Your welcome, its what I do, compile idk why, but I love just putting everything in one place, i hate clutter, i hate information spread all over creation,

and I hate having to have to open 10 different pages to get to a download, anyways end of my rant, lol

Soon I plan on compiling more subjects for Arma3, I've already have a list of subjects that are popular, if you are interested in a particular feature of the game that

you like thats popular and wish all scripts, addons, or anything for it was in one place then let me know through pm, I'll add it to my to do list :)

Heres a link to my Arma2CO list for the AI if you happen to be looking for something for Arma2CO:


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Welcome. Thanks for brinign that to my attention, idk how i missed that one but I just added it now, thanks.


added new script

Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux SP/MP

by Bon_Inf & Moser


Bon's AI recruitment script ported to Arma 3

Will also update the list on Armaholic.

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added new script, and addon which I really didn't think over much as effecting AI yet it does, player controlled AI

POLPOX's Calm Animations Script SP/MP-?



This script adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

see vid on download page for details of what it looks like.

Drongo's Command Enhancement SP/MP

by Drongo69


DCE has two goals. The first is to enhance control of the player's squad with a simple dialog. The second is to place the player in command of all

groups of his side. The command aspect of DCE is a combination of BIS's High Command Module and my earlier mod Drongo's Toolkit.

Edited by Günter Severloh
added addon listing

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added a new script

T8 Units - a less dynamic AI creator MP

by T-800a


spawn units in coop missions,mostly based around Infantry combat, but you can spawn vehicles with it, too. The script is

based on groups and adding waypoints to those groups, and "FiredNear"/"Killed" eventhandlers added to the group leaders.

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Is VcomAI broken in any kind? When i run the game with VComAI my teammates simply ignores my commands after a time.

Example: giving command for Stance "Stealth" they do this correctly but after like 5 minutes they change it to "Relax", so they simply stand up from Stealth stance on their own. When i again give Stealh stance order they again do it and after 5 minutes same as before... Is this a bug or what did i wrong :( ^^

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