AI Compilation List Last Update:  March 27th, 2023 This is a massive compilation list of AI Addons, Mods, Scripts, & Forum threads sorted based on subject.   Arma2/OA AI Compilation list  - updated January 4th, 2023 (removed all Armaholic links)   Note: Some of the addons, mods, and scripts below were hosted on Armaholic which was shutdown back in May 2021😢 you can still search as there are some that are linked via other download sources or by release thread. Addons & Mods - (with included All Arma 3 SteamWorkshop AI mods compilation list linked - (Last post pg.1 bottom of thread) Scripts  - (1st post pg.2) AI Forum Threads Artillery, Mortars, & AT Soldiers AI Accuracy, Skill, & Spotting/distance AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting AI & Buildings AI CAS, Helicopters, Jets & Planes AI Chat, Dialogue, Interaction, & Speech AI Driving - Boats,Tanks, & Vehicles AI Ammo, Equipment, Gear, & Loadouts AI Halo, Parachuting, & Paradrops AI Hunting player/group AI Injury & Medical AI Squad Command, Guides, & Join AI Spawn & Respawn AI Triggers & Waypoints Development Branch General, Enhancement, & Performance Mission Editing & Scripting Multiplayer & Server Credits
Authors of the addons, mods, and scripts deserve credit for their work, I would hope this compilation
will bring more attention and appreciation from the community to them.
List Note:
If there is an addon, mod, script, or forum thread I have missed please post your reply, or pm me and I will update the list accordingly.