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2ndLt. A. Perez

13th Marine Expeditionary Unit

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What is 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit?

We are an ArmA III Realism Unit with a very high expectation to Simulate the Corps. We Try our Best to Keep it Realistic as possible. We Simulate the Corps and try not to make it Stressful to some players. We are a Brand new unit so don't expect too much in such a short time, we are slowly advancing to become a bigger and better professional unit. We are planning to make this Unit last long and trying to make it successful while keeping up with Real Life. After a few Months of planning this unit we are now ready to get it started. 13th MEU Is not just a ground infantry unit, we also have Aviation Combat Element for all types of Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Pilots. We also have a Support Combat Element that Operates Mostly Armored vehicles and Ground Transport. We have a lot of MOSs (Military Occupation Speciality) to choose from such as Rifleman,Corpsman,Anti-Tank and etc. We are also trying to find Members for the Command Element to help improve the Unit and Lead it.

How to Join?

To join the unit you must go to our Website at:


You must Follow all the steps and Requirements in order to join. Please take Note that we take our recruiting serious for all new members

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