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lbSetSelected, is it currently broken?

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The code below populates the listbox just fine, but lbSetSelected has no visible effect. I've tried the same thing with a combobox; lbSetSelected doesn't appear to do anything. The combobox will be populated, but the box shows blank until the player selects an item.

_disp = findDisplay IDD_DIALOG1;
_control = _disp displayCtrl IDC_Quick_List;
_controlnum = IDC_Quick_List;
_count = 0;
lbAdd [_controlnum, _x select 2];
lbSetData [_controlnum, [_count,_x select 1]];
lbSetPicture [_controlnum, _count, _x select 0];
_count = _count + 1;
} foreach ArrayQuickList;
_control lbSetSelected [1, true];

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Thanks. I'll update the biki myself then; I wish they would put it in the notes instead of the discussion...

And confirmed, lbSetCurSel does fix the problem.

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