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Special Forces Support Group | SFSG | 22nd SAS | Recruiting

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Hey I'm Luke from Special Forces Support Group, We are a friendly mil-sim unit recruiting!

About Us:

We based off the 22nd SAS , We do a variety of things and have activites every day, and we have tech support to help people with the mods/addons if needed, the mods are very easy to download and we also have a variety of roles from infantry to air. We are very realistic and take in-game activites seriously, outside of activites we have a laugh and some fun. We offer the player a great gaming experience as we do patrols, operations, training and deployments. We are special forces so a certain level of maturity is required, we train often, however if you need to miss one you are always filled in. Our unit is a democracy everyone has a say on most important things. We also it doesnt matter if you have just joined the Arma 2 community everyone is treated equally and trained to the same standards. If your interested in joining then click our website link in the Contact Us section and please fill in an application on our website, Any further questions you can message me via private message on here, our via website or simply join our teamspeak.

Basic Requirements:

Working Headset


A Legit Copy Of Arma 2 OA

Contact Us:

Website: http://22ndsassfsg.webs.com/

Teamspeak IP:

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