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Alien Life - RP Mission Series

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The Alien Life Mission Series, is a RP multiplayer based experience where you assume the life of a civilian, police officer, MIB, or even an Alien. There are many aspects of the conventional LIFE mods in this series, however its not really a LIFE mod. You will carry out your life as a human or alien. Both have their own tasks and mission objectives. You can also sit back and do jobs, both legal and illegal to earn money.

At this time there are 2 maps being used, and 3 mods being used. You will need Arma2 CO: Beta as a base platform. You will need to download the map used for the missions, and 3 mods. All the maps and mods were chosen for their quality. The current maps are Emita, and Lingor. The mods used are Alienz Mod, DDOPLER's Tazer Mod, and the RH Pistol Mod. I will provide links to all the maps and mods so that they can be downloaded. One side note is that the Alienz Mod had to be tweaked to fix an annoying feature. That being said Im awaiting approval from the mod creator on being able to get him to release a patched version or letting me publish an updated version with all proper credits. No changes to the other mods.

There is no playable OPFOR and deathmatching is forbidden in this series. the OPFOR will be the enemy to all and will consist of Alien and Human forces who are bent on destruction. Aliens do not go down easy, so when they come to town, you had better get ready for a fight. With the series having features of a life server, you can do things besides combat, but the option is there for both. As with any server crime will happen as people are well people, and tend to be unreliable when it comes to maintaining peace in the city. So the Police force (whitelisted) will be there consisting of Tazer wielding admins and Moderators to keep things rolling. There will still be crime, so criminals beware the jail is small. As a way to combat people from using suicide to escape jail, anyone who dies inside the protected jail will be treated as a combat logger and receive a ban with a length based on the crime. This could include perma ban.

Here are some videos of whats in the Missions now.



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