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Heavy Load

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Heavy Load

Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag (zTt)

After some time has passed from our previous mission release here we are presenting our new mission "Heavy Load". Our third mission is a military one. It is mostly MP but it can also be played in SP.

1.]Hypothesis: You are a squad of five soldiers who are tasked to retrieve a scud missile. You must locate the appropriate intel, locate the enemy convoy which is moving the scud, ambush the convoy, hijack the scud and transport it to another location. More information in the mission briefing.

2.]Important hints:

a)Remember you are about to ambush a convoy so pick your gear carefully at the start of the mission.

b)Remember that there are trucks which can repair the scud in case it becomes immobilized.

c)Once you start the mission there are going to be two helicopters. The one on the right will have no respawn, which means that if no one is inside it won't disappear by respawning back to base. Whereas the one on the left has a respawn script which means that it will respawn to base if no one is inside, something which could be catastrophic.

d)The mission has got instant respawn implemented which means that the player respawns at his death location. So if the pilot dies and the chopper is destroyed, the mission is pretty much over. So a copilot would be a good idea.

e)Fastroping and first aid modules are included.

f)Weapon respawn is included as well.


3.1]Player skills:

a)Advanced helicopter flying skills are required. The pilot should be able to hold the helicopter steady for the ground forces to fastrope and have the ability to handle a helicopter which has taken some damage.

b)Some medium assault skills are required for the convoy hijacking.

3.2]Technical: Arma 2 free and OA demo is required. If you don't have them just download them, install them and enable them via the expansions menu, or transfer their .pbos into the TOH addons folder.

4.]Bugs: Of course this mission has been tested countless times and there are no serious bugs. An issue however is:

a)Rarely the BLUEFOR playable units may not move when not controlled by players. Really strange.

5.]Cheats: I know it sounds a bit weird but a cheat does exist. A major spoiler though.

Are you sure? Even if there is a slight chance of playing this mission it really is a


Ok then. Have it your way. Whenever you want just go to the map, press left click on any

preferred location and you will be teleported there instantly.

6.]Some images:






7.]Installation: Just copy the .pbo mission file to your mpmission folder in your TOH directory. To play just start a new server and start the mission.

8.]Download link:

Version 1.0 :https://www.dropbox.com/s/rp43h0u74gh0rjs/Heavy-Load.South_Asia_H.pbo

(non cheat version)

Version 1.0 :https://www.dropbox.com/s/asxx9539bl97eog/Heavy-Load.South_Asia_H.pbo

(cheat version)

Any feedback, propositions or bug reports are welcome.

If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits.

Edited by Helicopterenthusiast

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When I try to open this mission in a MP session (just to play SP) - I get this error - any ideas why?




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Try redownloading the mission and seeing if that fixes it, it just looks like a corrupt file.

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Try the above and if it won't fix anything I will check the links again just in case something went wrong.

And a question.

Does this happen with both links(versions)?

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