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Any idea how to make Snakeskin?

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Mods: If this is in the wrong area please move it.

I'm planning on starting work on a new project, and for that I've been wondering how to make Snakeskin camo, but I've never been able to make it. If anyone could tell me how that would be very appreciated.


Thanks. :)

(Also a step-by-step simple tutorial would be nice because I'm not the best texturer.)

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This tutorial shows you how to make a leather texture. You can modify the neatness of the leather texture which uses "generated hexagons" to create a "leather texture". What you'll want is to http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-your-own-leather-texture-using-adobe-illustrator--vector-5572

1. Create a hexagon array of full neatness, bump / bevel the hexagon layer by a small amount (adjust as you like) and widen their "branches slightly"

2. Probably add a filter to get rid of a lot of the high lights (intense) and blend in some alpha-colour to "show lighting effects over the entire image".

3. With the beveling you'll want a "sharp point of light" meaning you don't have a smooth gradient transition with the vertices and lines Lighting along the very edge.

4. The camo-texture can be generated using Plasma or Noise render, distort it as you see fit to change it. Colourise that noise map a certain colour and add a graident map to give it the "blotchy effect"

5. Add another noise map and use a layer-mask which is similar a non-destructive way of editing the opacity of the image. So you can smooth the transition throughout the entire image.

6. You are all done

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