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[SP/@/A2CO] Proxy War SP mission pack v 1.4

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Hey fellow players and editors, I decided to update and old mission pack and post it here:

Update:This mission pack contains 6 missions using addons, connecting some units from ArmA1 to the ArmA2 world and is meant to be played in singleplayer.

Witness the new enemy as a mercenary field medic (Mission 1: The Surprise), receive your baptism of fire as a sniper (Mission 2: The other side) and fight off the enemy as a mortar section leader in the CDF (Mission 3: Hold the Bridge). Mission 4 (Humanitatian Intervention) puts you in the boots of a SLA infantryman pushing the offensive further and capturing an important target. esparate from the SLA offensive, Chernarussian civilians rise up to defend their country, and they discover an unexpected ally - witness this in mission 5. The final mission 6 lets you play as RACS Commando tasked to infiltrate an area in Takistan and denying the SLA an important weapons system.

This pack needs the following addons:

ArmA2: Private Military Company



SLA Troops


RACS Troops:


these 3 creations are from Marseille77.

Mission pack download


Armaholic mirror:

Have fun,


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