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i44 - Escape Chernarus 1.8 (Mission port)

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Title: I44 Escape Chernarus 1.8

Type: COOP Mission

Version: 1.8

Date: 2014-March-21

Author: SAN

Mission name ingame:


First of all, many many thanks to Engima!

He gave me the permission for the port. Thank you very much!

This is one of the extraordinary, and I think also most played, missions since this game has been launched.

Mission Description:

This is a port of the original mission ESCAPE CHERNARUS 1.8 by Engima of Östgöta Ops. The mission running is like the original.

There is only one sentence that describes this mission best:

Caught in enemy territory trying to escape!

You'll be faced with Bf109 searching for you, as well as Ju87.

You'll be faced with Ju52 who drops off "Fallschirmjäger".

You'll be faced with steel animals like the "Panther" or "Tiger".

And lots of opponents . . .

Because in world war 2 there was no night vision devices the start time is limited from 05:00am to 07:00pm.

If you start at 07:00pm the opponents use searchlights at the depots and the communication centers.

There is full moon.

You never die, you only get unconscious, and your skillful teammates can fix you in almost any shape.

You have the option to heal yourself for 3 times. Afterwards you only can heal yourself in presence of a Medic.

At the communication centers there is a Field Hospital and at the depots a crate where you can heal yourself.


Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


- Arma 2

- Invasion 1944 - D-Day

- Community Base addons

- Invasion 1944 - D-Day Patch #5

Known issues:

- It may take up to 7 minutes until the boats arrive for the extraction. Have patience and secure your position.

- Some vehicle sounds appear as if the vehicle is nearby although it is miles away. This is caused by the I44 Mod.

If there are any incongruities with this mission DO NOT blame Engima!

You can write in this forum or directly to me.


Thanks to ACP-Coop-Server for testing http://www.acp-club.de

The mission was tested well with beta patch "ARMA2 OA Build 103718".


Armaholic mirror:

Escape Chernarus - I44 Co-08 (@)

Some pictures:







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Friends and I have been playing this. Everything works great. Only a few things that I would suggest.

1, Sometimes the ammo caches dont have that many RPGs or heavy weps.

2, Need to add a few more enemy bases. I think you have only 4. I could be wrong.

Other then that I love this mission port. The airplane chasing you down instead of the heli is AWESOME. Also this is a lil harder then the Enigmas Escape mission. Which I like cause the weps are harder to kill with. BIG THANKS FOR THE PORT!


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Hi Chewdog,

everything in this mission is based on random. The positions of the ammunition depots and communication centers are selected randomly when the game starts.

* There are always 5 communication centers (marked on map as red flag) and 10 ammunition depots (marked on map as depot marker).

* Each crate in each ammunition depot is loaded differently. As in the original mission. I only changed the class names.

So it may happen that in one depot only few weapons are available and in another depot you have weapons in abundance. If you can't find the weapons you wish try it in another depot.

Also many patrols have RPGs and heavy weapons so you can pick some of them, if you can ;)

* It should not be too easy to find heavy weapons!

* It should remain a challenge to lead the task to a good end.

I would confirm that the i44 version is harder. It is a completely different gameplay.

The possibilities of the defense as infantry soldier over other weapons genres were more limited than today.

It's good to hear that the port pleases :)

Regards, SAN

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Ok I understand now, TY for clearing that up for me...

I have been collecting video of our adventures in this mission. I will post it on youtube when I finish editing etc...

Last night we all got taken out by the warplane which blew up our truck. It was freaking awesome...

If you want to play a couple rounds with us add me to STEAM

Steam name = Chewdog

Thanks for the reply.

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Heyo, really like the mission, however. Do you know by any chance how to edit the mission so there can be 16 players? (2 squads) I tried just copy pasting the group that already existed but that broke the script.

Edited by Painmace

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