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Clutter Isn't Showing Up

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My clutter isn't showing up in-game and I don't know why.

Here is my cfgsurfaces.hpp:


and my cfgclutter.hpp:


lastly, my config.cpp:


When I start up the game with my map expansion enabled, it looks like this:


I've been looking over my files for hours now, and I've fixed some problems but apparently there is still one or some I haven't fixed. If anyone can see anything in the files that would produce that error, please tell me! Thanks so much!

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ok a few things

first thing I noticed is in the cfgsurfaces the steepdrygrass class the name probability was spelled wrong


heres the corrected files

next in your cfgClutter file the should be only clutter definitions..you had class CfgSurfaces listed at the top

heres that file corrected


that should stop the end of file error message you were getting and get your clutter in game. I would grab notepad++ from the internet as it allows you to find mistakes like spelling and missing opening and closing brackets fairly easy

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Thanks. I do have notepad++ already. Also I must have had a bad one I wrote earlier that I copied over. Usually I have a template for my files that I copy and change paths when I'm doing an exercise like this. Now I have some solid files, thanks!

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