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MOUT-CQB Training Course Mission+Template - also on ACE/ACRE!

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I am releasing my little CQB training course on UTES for everyone to use.

There are two versions:

The vanilla version that just requires Arma 2 Combined Operations.

The ACE/ACRE version extended with the ACE and ACRE mods and you will have to activate them to play it.

I added both .pbo and editable folder versions, so you can edit them as you want!

No need to credit or ask me for permission! Just use it, expand it as you please, or forget about it! :)

Read the "Simple Readme" in the folder to get some interesting notes on how to play it and its functionalities.




http://oi59.tinypic.com/hu3ibs.jpg (588 kB)



I will appreciate any feedback you'll give me.

I hope you'll find the mission enjoyable! Have fun!

Big thanks to the ACE team and to BI for their amazing work!

(I don't know if this topic is in the right place. If not, I am really sorry and I will gladly take it elsewhere.)

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