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ACEGoons Mission Collection (ACE/ACEX/ACRE)

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Hi there. This is a loose collection of missions I made for the Something Awful ACEGoons group. I've been sitting on them for a while, and I figured it was about time to release them publicly- I'm sure there are some groups out there who haven't moved on to Arma 3. These are all small to medium-sized co-ops and TVTs scattered across a variety of islands. ACE, ACEX and ACRE are required for all of these missions. I've hidden the precise details in the spoilers to avoid clogging up the page.

Anyway, I made a good number of these missions while learning scripting, so expect the quality to vary some. I've torn apart countless missions to learn mission editing, and I think it's only fair to return the favor. Feel free to edit or share these missions in any way- God knows we have plenty of edits of our own floating about. All I ask is that you credit me if your changes aren't too egregious. If you do make any edits, please leave a comment! I'd like to see what people do with them. :)

This first pack contains six small to medium-size co-ops and two medium-sized TVTs. I have about ten six more missions, but they all have some sort of outstanding balance, pacing or scripting issue that I want to tackle before releasing them. I'm releasing this first pack now because I feel that these missions are pretty much done. Please let me know if you encounter any serious issues I might have missed.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3803707/arma2/missions/ACEGoons%20Mission%20Pack%201.7z

As a bonus, here's an I44 mission I made when we were experimenting with that. Requires ACRE.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3803707/arma2/missions/co13_i44_besieged.MCN_Neaville.pbo

I spent a lot of time making these missions. I hope you enjoy them!

Mission details:



[TVT 23] Cool Runnings


Description: Are you a bad enough dude to save the Chernarussian Olympic Bobsled Team?

This is a medium-scale TVT based in and around Chernogorsk. Both teams are evenly matched in terms of numbers and equipment.

Three players are VIPs that must be protected by BLUFOR. Their locations are visible to all players on the map. OPFOR

must kill all three VIPs in order to win. BLUFOR must protect the VIPs and kill OPFOR. BLUFOR start closer to the VIPs, but

OPFOR look identical to the ambient civilians.



[CO 14] Operation Short Straw


Description: We're trying to draw out the rebel forces so we can crush them in an open battle. Guess who gets to be the bait?

Players are tasked with pushing back an assault on an outpost and advancing into enemy territory. The majority of players

act as an infantry squad. Four act as the crew of a pair of M113s, and two more are L-39 pilots tasked with CAS duties.

Player objectives are simple and linear.



[CO 8] No Rushin'


Description: Infantry must escort an armored vehicle. Check your corners!


A small team of Russian infantrymen must escort a BMD-1 to accomplish a pair of objectives.

The infantry are not capable of dealing with every threat they will come across, while the BMD-1

crew has extremely limited visibility and manuverability. A high degree of coordination between

the infantry and the BMD-1 crew is required.


[Co 20][TVT 25] Gimmee The Cache


Description: Independent slots optional.

This mission can function as both a medium-scale co-op mission or a medium-scale assymetrical TVT.

OPFOR players are tasked with finding and destroying three weapons caches. They have dedicated BTR-70 and

BRDM-2 crews to assist with this task.

INDFOR player slots are optional. INDFOR players start in a central location and must travel to the caches

to acquire weapons. INDFOR players are tasked with defending said caches from OPFOR. INDFOR players are outnumbered,

but look identical to the ambient civilians. Since this can function as a co-op, there are also

roving bands of AI guerillas who will help fight OPFOR.



[CO 16] They See Me Rolling


Description: Escort a pair of journalists as they search for the next big scoop.

Two players play the role of journalists. Fourteen are UN soldiers on bodyguard duty. The

journalists must visit five randomized locations and record twenty minutes of footage. The

UN bodyguards must prevent the journalists from being killed.

The UN bodyguards have a M113 for extra firepower. Mission features a nifty camera script for one

of the journalists and a criminal amount of inside jokes.



[TVT 26] Shady Affairs


Description: INDFOR and OPFOR attempt to do some dirty dealings in the dark.

This mission is a medium-scale Dark Business knockoff. I think the premise is obvious to most Arma players.

OPFOR has a truck. INDFOR has a pair of hostages. INDFOR want to trade the hostages for the truck. BLUFOR

are outnumbered by INDOR and OPFOR, and want to rescue the hostages. Shenanigans follow.

Tora Bora


[CO 9] From Russia With Love


Description: What's stealth?

This is a relatively simple co-op mission with a single, open-ended objective. Players take on the role

of a Russian tank element tasked with clearing the area around the town of Sanaag-Bari. One player acts as a

support element and is given a UAV to spot enemies with. This support element is also responsible for rearming, refueling

and repairing the tanks of the other players.

This mission requires a high degree of coordination and discipline. Players for the most part

have a technology advantage over their enemies, but are heavily outnumbered.

There's a challenging twist near the end that will require great coordination to overcome.


[CO 10] Desert heat


Description: Taking back what's ostensibly ours. Now without the ACE mortars!

This is a relatively simple co-op mission with a single, open-ended objective. Players take on the

roles of Takistani Guerillas and are tasked with stealing trucks from a town fortified by the Takistani Army.

Players must come up with a plan and execute it quickly and decisively, as the enemy forces will call in heavy

reinforcements once contact has been made.

Players are given two SPG-9 technicals to help with their objective. Only group leaders possess radios.

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Here are a few more missions. I haven't been updating these as quickly as I'd like, but I hope to get the others done fairly soon. Some of these are earlier missions of mine, so expect the quality to be a little rougher.

Download: ACE Goons Mission Pack 2

Armaholic mirror:

- ACEGoons Mission Pack 2 (@)



[CO 12] The Roof Of The World


A small group of players are trapped on top of a mountain. A larger group is coming to rescue them, and an even

larger group of enemies are coming to kill them. Players must kill the majority of the attacking force to succeed.

This is a simple defense mission with a simple objective. Gear selection is limited.


[CO 20] Putting On The Blitz


Players take on the role of a USMC squad tasked with securing checkpoints and a town along a road. Player objectives are simple

and linear. Players have limited firepower and room for maneuver. Coordination is required to avoid becoming trapped or flanked.



[TVT 21] On El Presidente's Secret Service


BLUFOR must escort a VIP to seven locations. OPFOR must kill the VIP and escape.

BLUFOR wins if every member of OPFOR is dead. OPFOR wins if they kill the VIP and escape.

Tora Bora


[CO 8] Manhunters


A small ground team is given a UH-1 for transport and close air support. Players are given clues to the location of persons of interest.

Players must find these persons of interest in order to learn more about their primary target. Players win when they have killed

their primary target.

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