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(AAF) Operation Thanatos - SP/COOP series

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Bastiaan Stathis is a Lieutenant in the AAF.

He is a leader of men and a born fighter.

I intend to focus more on the armed and armoured vehicles of the AAF, along with the odd infantry based mission across Altis and Stratis

I am also making most of them either COOP compatible, or making a COOP version

Day 1 SP / High Command

This is a short intro command mission - take control of the AAF forces as they attempt to retake Molos from CSAT.

Day 2 SP / COOP8

Lieutenant Bastiaan Stathis is leading his men on a pre-emptive strike

CSAT mortar teams are threatening the newly recaptured town of Molos

Take out the CSAT mortar teams at Limnichori

If our forces can find out where the main CSAT beachhead is located, we might be able to put a stop to their incursions on the area

Day 3 SP / COOP8

The squad is cut off from the bulk of the AAF

Commandeer the last remaining CSAT HMG Speedboat and regroup with AAF forces at the Military Research Base to the South

Day 4 SP / COOP3

CSAT forces are moving to reinforce locations to the South

Lieutenant Bastiaan Stathis and his men take their FV-720 Mora and hunt CSAT

Day 5 SP / COOP3

CSAT forces have taken Athira

Lieutenant Bastiaan Stathis and his men have been ordered to join the offensive

Choose an armoured vehicle:

AFV-4 - Gorgon

FV-720 - Mora

MBT-52 - Kuma

Eliminate CSAT forces in Athira

Operation Thanatos


Also available as collections on the Steam Workshop:

The Brief Lives Campaign - a series of 10 guerrilla missions set after the NATO withdrawal from Altis


The Andros 2020 Series - a growing set of scenarios showing memorable missions from Andros' past as a pilot in the AAF - non-sequential prequels to the Brief Lives Campaign


The Eternal Daeva Series - A series of missions following CSAT team leader Farrohk Jahandar after shambolic beach landings at Aggelochori.


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Great! We love your missions. Installing on the CiA coop server, and looking forward to playing it!

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I played the Day 1 mission of this pack and found it to be a short and sweet tank mission. It only needs a proper briefing, then it will be perfect.

Day 2 starts very promising, but the high number of enemies attrits my forces to the point where I was down to a few men facing several MG's, an MRAP and a couple of enemies at the beachhead. The simple letdown of way too many enemies and simply too few own assets. For crying out loud, can't the AAF afford a few mortars? The enemy down at the beach would be sitting ducks for an artillery strike. :cool:

Day 3 works until I clear the last enemy form the ruins, but then nothing happens. Had to cheat-end this mission.

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