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Need some site rules Info?

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As far am i know am not allowed to post someone else scripts without their say so the issue is I have tried to get in touch with them for Help and to ask if i can give them out i've had nothing back.

The issue is the fella is french and so the scripts are done in french and am not sure how to use them or how to write it in english.

there are two he has given me a meds clint and meds server but no info on how to place them into a mission or use as there in french.

would i be allowed to give these out to someone who can work on them as far as i know there for A2.

the script are meant to make an area have a illness that the player gets a chance of getting it then they go to a DR who tells them what they have then they get the cure or die.

kind of cool like a zone A has "rage" or Zone B has "cholera" and player have to contain that zone.

but my issue is i can't use it as there in french am I allowed to post it for someone to take a look.

what should I Do.

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