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custom difficulty not working for dedicated server

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Yes you are mixing content from your server***.cfg with the user.arma3profile

Check the first post in the server tutorial in the stickie section of this forum for more details..


Example files section

It tells you where to find those files and examples of their content

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i'v look at this before and do not know what to do. I am using a control panel for HFB servers to control my server. I only have arma3config_19056\config.cfg file to edit

I don't have anything else to edit..

I'm confused

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Welcome to Server Hosting Blackbeard06. Prepare yourself !

Many hosters leave a lot of stuff blank for you to fill out the details. HFB does not setup the profile bit for you as it is such a personal preference.

As Terox stated .. please read his links and begin to digest what you need to control as an individual running a server.

In your arma3config_19056 folder there is a config.cfg file as you stated .... Your Server Configuration File that displays messages sets some basic params

for the server and calls whatever mission you decide when started.

Inside that SAME folder you will also find a basic.cfg .... You Server Network Configuration file where you can adjust bandwidth and communication settings

based on the type of mission and amount of people for which you are catering.

Inside that SAME folder you will see another folder called USERS ... go in there.

Inside that folder you should see another folder called arma3config_19056 <---- (my best guess)

Inside THIS folder is probably blank and this is where you will have to put your PROFILE file ... the arma3config_19056.Arma3Profile that dictates difficulty levels for Novice/Reg etc.

You should be able to ascertain the correct names for these files from the list of PREDEFINED startup commands that HFB give you.

See Terox links for copying a basic one to this location to enable your server to SEE and reference it for the difficulty you want.

It also sets the params for your mission related to your first and initial post.

Do NOT mix them up as Terox has stated .... There a 3 files you will have to maintain as a server operator and they do very different things.

Config.cfg / Basic.cfg / xxxxx.Arma3Profile

Good Luck.

May the force be with you !

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Thanks guys I have now fixed it. had to dig around a bit.. It just confused me since I was using HFB servers.

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