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All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) - A1/A2/OA content in A3

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You need to provide more details, like a screenshot of your collection, the arma3.rpt, etc.

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loading aia sa with reyhard's fixes results in game crashing.

Here's the rpt

and here the mod line:

It may be a visual thing but it looks like you have a space before "landfixes" that may cause problems ?

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There is a file called aia_sounds_if created on the 2014/07/16 where does this one go? same addons folders


2014-07-16 - Hotfix for sound changes


AiA_FirstLoaded.pbo (put to @AllInArmaStandalone\addons / @AllInArmaStandaloneLite\addons / @AllInArma\Core\addons)

AiA_Sounds.pbo (put to @AllInArmaStandalone\addons / @AllInArmaStandaloneLite\addons / @AllInArma\Core\addons)

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@ deVilspaWn

aia_sounds_if stands for Iron Front. It is NOT for AiA (SA). Hence not listed in the post you quote.

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Im trying to load PMCs 51km^2 desert map, and one of the requirements-@ags_ports pops up a window every start up saying addon missing CAWeapons. Is this something to worry about?

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@ Modder

Please upload the arma3.rpt of such session.

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@ Modder

The AGS mods need AiA (A3MP doesnt seem to suffice but you can try).

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;2739758']@ Modder

The AGS mods need AiA (A3MP doesnt seem to suffice but you can try).

Thats the thing tho I just found out AiA isnt even loaded, even tho its in my Pw6 collection that I run. This is something to put forward to Sickboy.

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***I've moved this from the AIA HQ thread as kju suggested that it would be more appropriate here. I also added one more campaign to the Working list.***

Could you guys please give some feedback on which A2 user made campaigns you've been able to run without game breaking errors with AIA SA and AIA HQ? I've tried out 8 campaigns but so far I've only found one that I've been able to play that worked nearly flawlessly. I didn't keep track of what the game breaking errors were for the ones that didn't work but I've listed what I can remember. These haven't been comprehensive tests (tried with and without additional mods) and some of them were played before the last AIA update. I may eventually go back and try them with all unnecessary mods disabled but at the moment these are what I have so far.

Working without major errors:

Operation Cobalt: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id...ATION%2BCOBALT

Red Dawn: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20022&highlight=RED%2BDAWN%2BCAMPAIGN

Not working for me so far without game breaking errors:

Liberation of Chernarus

Operation Red Star

The Forgotten Few - Won't load - ***Edit*** - I'm going to have to try this one again. I forgot that the campaign actually goes into the Missions folder rather than the Campaigns folder.

Rainy Fall

Worked somewhat but abandoned due to errors:

Dogs of War - Spontaneous deaths

Ghost Recon: Podagorsk - Crashes when loading saved games

Operation Harvester Podagorsk - Spontaneous deaths

Edited by Scimitar

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First of all, thanks a lot for all your effort to make this game even better for all of us!

However, I'm a bit confused due to the different versions in PWS at this moment. If I want AiA with the HQ pack and I already have all other ArmA games installed, can I simply use @AllInArma v. 0.0.22 and @AllInArmaHighQualityPack together? Or do I need to download AiA SA? I'd like to avoid the 18 GB download if possible.

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@ p00d73

The old AiA version should work with AiA HQ - at least for the most part. Give it a try.

Otherwise you could get AiA SA lite instead or wait for the conversion feature to avoid the full download.

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Soon as i click on a map to load in editor i get this error :

include file ca\editor\data\scripts\dikcodes.h not found

using all in arma standalone full version, no other mods

Edited by Mikederel

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Hey guys,

this project and my modding activities are at a crucial turning point and I'd like to

get your thoughts and suggestions on that topic.

Let me give you some context first, explain the current situation next and what may

come after finally - to give you the transparency and information to make a good judgement.



As a follow-up to CAA1 and TKOH-Rearmed, A3 Rearmed/All in Arma was meant to allow

seamless integration of content from previous titles to A3.



  • The main focus was on BI content (A1/A2/OA/TKOH)
  • Yet also to make community-made content available
  • This was meant to work with little to no changes on the existing content itself
  • Of course certain features from A3 would not be supported out-of-the-box that way
  • It was meant to be available with the alpha release of A3 or in stages thereafter

So in summary to both make lots of content available early on in the lifetime of A3

and to make sure all the endless of amount of work by community people would transition

over to the latest series quickly and on a very large scale.

History and background


Note: You can learn some more details on the following story from this post

in the "Opening up Arma 3 to paid user-made content" - How? thread.

The short version is that I planned to end my now almost ten years career in OFP-Arma

modding with a new game mode for A3. The goal was to simulate warfare in a persistent

24/7/365 scenario with a mix of elements from Planetside, DayZ and CTI among others

built upon gameplay, realism and community values, like open to mods, open source and cooperation.

On a smaller scale this was already done by the German community back in OFP known

since as realwar with various offsprings in the various Arma titles, yet focused

on an organized community with weekly/monthly sessions - my vision was to bring this

to the general public and to be able to play it at any moment.

As a project of such scale is a lot of effort, basically I tried to get BI interested,

failed and tried to cross-finance its development by working for BI and others.

In this thread's context: As a result I worked on A3 Rearmed for some time, which later

became All in Arma as community project when BI decided to change priorities.





Unfortunately both time-taking and income wise the different attempts to finance

the project have been underwhelming to say the least. One has to understand that

making a complex game mode is easily 3-6 months full time work.

I have been pushing this for way too long and justifiable.

Working part-time for Sickboy's company building Play withSIX for the last 6-9 months

has allowed me to prolong this state for some more time, but it has come to a point

where it is no longer feasible for me to continue like this.

While BI has allow me to ask for donations for All in Arma, this has utterly failed.

So far I have received for both AiA and IFA only 75€ (-5€ Paypal fees) in total

by six individuals in the last 8 months.

For context: That amount equals to 1-3 hours compensation for freelancer work

of that kind in Germany.. or as another reference a regular job has 20-25€/hour pay.

(A monthly salary is 3500-4000€ per month (before taxes) or 1.5 to 3 times as freelancer)

Been occupied with those other jobs resulted in having only limited time to work on Arma modding.

The time I had has gone mostly helping the Community Upgrade Project/people in general,

helping the team to improve Iron Front in Arma 3 and to publish its updates - yet almost

two and a half years later I was still not able to start the work on the game mode..

All in Arma


Essentially there has been very little progress since the A3 alpha release 1.5 years ago

for two main reasons:

1) Despite considerable support (top 30 in votes) BI was not willing or able to put resources

into fixing the old vehicle simulation and some issues like ponds or infinite terrain,

or extending their documentation efforts (more details).

As such All in Arma and other A2/OA community-made content is of limited use for A3.

To their credit they have released last fall the source data for A2+OA and thus allowing

the community to port and upgrade the content with the new A3 features.

Still it remains a lot of effort and not many people do it.

Finally some weeks ago they have also released some of their internal development tools

that help considerable in config work and tweaking PhysX for vehicles. This reduces effort

a good deal at least.

2) Several people have joined the Community Upgrade Project, while a few others have shared

their work with it. There is progress and some releases incoming. However you have to realize

it is a lot of work to port content to A3 - especially vehicles; and A2+OA is a lot of content/

data to cover. As such it takes a long time. In addition it is only a small team of active people.

As mentioned earlier this is where I have put most of my time by assisting their efforts;

aside from the work on Iron Front in Arma 3 and AiA HQ.

The All in Arma High Quality pack was meant as a bridge until content from CUP itself

becomes available. Unfortunately as the replacements are somewhat complex, the used mods

getting updated every once in a while and a large array of content to cover, it is also

a lot of work - even with the content mapping assistance I am getting thankfully from Hannibal.

There haven't been updates for a while as I simply wasn't able to make time/the time available

was spent on the above, as well as to avoid double work with using CUP assets anyway and

the overall effort for weapons and vehicles replacement being even higher.

In general aside from merging into ported/upgraded assets from CUP or doing replacements

there is simply not much I personally can do with my skill set to improve the overall playing

experience and quality of the content.

What is next


Now there are basically three options:

1) Someone else takes over - I am open to that and have been asking around a bit already.

However the complexity, scale and overall effort makes it not very likely to find someone

up for the challenge.

2) Members from CUP have suggested to try to get the funding for the new game mode from community people

that like my work at the site http://www.patreon.com, like dslyecxi has done successfully for his video projects.

Personally I am doubtful after the crushing failure with donations, yet maybe its about presentation

and promotion for the most part to get considerable more people to contribute.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this and if you were ever to consider providing support

to modders in such way.

3) AiA goes into hibernation eventually going defunct by one of the next patches from BI

(unless someone else makes a third party fix).

Work list


Here is a brief overview of the things I would still like to do for AiA/that would make sense:

  • Standalone object pack for terrains to allow the download/use of single terrains (ie. just Chernarus) or a terrain only pack (a la A3MP)
  • Potentially further separating the all-in-one package to sub modules (ie. infantry only, vehicles only, weapons only)
  • Merge in all the improvements made by CUP once they become ready
  • Merge in improvements provided by other community members
  • Provide additional replacement configs for the AiA High Quality pack
  • Make all BI SP missions from A2+OA working (the campaigns are for someone else)
  • Make it possible to run OFP missions with AiA



For me All in Arma was one of the projects to help me finance the development

of the new game mode, yet it didn't work out at all so far.

For the community All in Arma could have had a huge impact even early on - sadly

it didn't happen as explained above.

That said it might still become a base to play non future era content and to make

use of the community-made content for A2/OA.

This largely depends if it will be continued to be maintained and merged with CUP

releases. Otherwise it will probably fade away sooner or later.

If I am gonna be part of that will largely depend on the success of people willing

to help me fund my modding projects one way or another.

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How much donation is it required for you to keep working on the mod kju?

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is it possible the use of kickstarter ?

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Crow funding is not allowed, nor asking money for a mod/to complete a mod. See the game content usage rules FAQ from BI.

This is also not what I am aiming for - it would be unfair to the people involved in CUP or contributing their work to CUP/AiA,

as at this point its mainly about integrating third party work.

The core of my work was before the A3 alpha release and some months after to make it working with the release version and for IFA3.

The unfortunate part for me is that despite its big popularity, and A3MP basically being a cut down version of AiA too,

basically no one decided to donate (only 1-2 of the donations were for AiA - the other 5-6 for Iron Front in Arma).

What I am considering to going for and will elaborate in more detail in another place is in short to work full time, 40+ hours a week,

the coming three months on a prototype of the new game mode and participate in the MANW contest - if I can get the funding for it.

In case I can make it to the top three, I should be able to continue for another while and expand the concept - the game mode itself,

to have it support community made content, as well as gameplay and AI tweaks to support the playing experience.

Without the funding, I will drop modding completely, get a regular job and move on.

Doing it (again) as a hobby is no option for me. For one basically I haven't been playing Arma, nor any other game, since 2.5 years

due to an arm injury. The limited time I can spend at the computer is used and has to be used for work purposes.

Nor do I want to do it as a hobby any longer - modding takes a lot of time and is often a very frustrating process with this engine and tools;

the other side to this is that I want to spend my free time on other activities that I enjoy more and find way more important for the future.

So be more specific about your question Denco:

In terms of funding I need to make at least a living from it.

In other words I am not aiming for the regular income levels - at least not for the 3 months period.

In regards to AiA - if enough people decide to support my activities, I will use some of the time also for this project.

Hope this helps. :o

Edited by .kju [PvPscene]

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Getting an error in the main menu: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A1/Single.StandardSound'.

Getting an error and crash when I try to load maps for the editor: Include file ca\editor\data\scripts\dikCodes.h not found.

Any ideas on how to fix?

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@ steamtex

You need to download the sound hotfix.

Please upload your arma3.rpt of a session with the editor problem. Make sure to have -nologs disabled/removed.

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@ steamtex

Thanks. Can you compress and upload this file please:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@AIA\addons\editor.pbo

Also what AiA version do you use and where did you download it? Any patches applied yet?

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@ steamtex

Please see the wiki setup guide.

I agree, but as you can read above I am struggling to continue to support this project at all.

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ive been using aia since its inception and I am extremely grateful for your work and dedication to this. Even more so now that you have shared the history of the project. I was wondering how you managed to keep this massive exercise in check, provide updates and answer countless questions and then balance all that with life.

As for your questions (the "What next"), given the facts concerning donations (lack thereof [i didnt contribute either, btw]) I think you have to make no excuses for quitting the project and focusing on financing your game mode or getting a job in another sector. It is very sad, and its gonna be a huge blow to the community in my view. I only hope you can somehow keep the project on the back-burner or someone as talented as you will step in.

Thank you for everything so far and also for being transparent about the whole thing.

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