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AI parachute, then move to marker

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Hello, am wondering about this one. I am trying to get para AI once on the ground to move to another location, i can use waypoints, but my concern is if the squad lead dies, will they follow the waypoint?

So I was wondering if I have in each unit init box, a command to move to marker with set behavior? the marker would be an AI objective like a town or city. anyone know or have link?

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something like this?

this domove getmarkerpos "MarkerName";this setBehaviour "COMBAT";this setSpeedMode "NORMAL";

I dont want a group if squad lead dies in para drop, which i see some AI drop too fast and die.

Any takers?

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In the init of the Group leader.

paras = group this;

In your waypoint or trigger (or add to Group leader init after above command)

paras domove getmarkerpos "MarkerName";paras setBehaviour "COMBAT";paras setSpeedMode "NORMAL";

If the Group Leader dies, next in command follows previous Group Leaders order, and so on.

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