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Can spawn within player radius, not outside

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Hi there guys!

I have a very weird issue with Zeus module: as soon a player joins the game, I can only spawn units/entities within the blue radius but not outside of it.

Here some pics:

In area - able:


outside area - not able:


How my editor looks:


I tried with the the restriction module, does not work. Set editing outside area and later inside area, does not work. It always keeps that way in the picture

I feel like Zeus is trolling me hard. Do you have any solution to to this?

Thx in advance

PS: If you ask why there are already units placed, I did that before somebody joined. As I said, when a player joins it restricts me to the player area.

PPS: The modules values are from the same as the modules from Master Altis AAF. Also I host the mission with TADST, so no parameters changed. description.ext, paramType.sqf and initServer.sqf were taken from MP_ZGM_m11.Altis.

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You need to add a set editing area type module "ModuleCuratorSetEditingAreaType_F" and synchronize it with your curator.

With the set editing area type module you can set editing to inside the blue area or outside the blue area.

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Could it be that you are the Game Moderator and not Zeus?

When me and my buddy were playing (me Zeus, he GameMod.) he could only place objects in the Area, while I only could place outside of it.

Temporary Fix: Disable that completly

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