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Last time I checked, the IEDs work. Haven't debugged them though. For a grid square to go green/blue you need to eliminate ALL enemies in the area, even the ones that like to hide from you. If you're positive that every building was cleared, take a screenshot of the grid being red still or give me the grid coordinates of that area and I'll check it out myself.

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The update looks great, and sorry if I'm a noob, I seem to be complaining alot...but how do I get this new version? It only gives me a PBO file, not the mission like how it used to be...

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You put the PBO in your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 3\MPMissions\" folder. Doing this will allow you to host the mission. It's not very offline/single-player friendly since some parts of it are designed to work on servers or dedicated servers, but should run fine.

I didn't release the mission as an open source file because it is untested and people have reported issues with it already. Next update may include the open version, since the issues should be more-or-less resolved.

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Yes, that is most likely the case. The default value for the mission time is 06:00. Do you have A2 Lighting Fixes installed?

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No, not installed.

This is sad... test your mission on a dark night a little harder)) But previously, if i loaded your mission (i am host and player) i have seen daytime map.

Hoping for an early release of updated version of Agressors (silent weapons since 1.24)

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This weekend we play the missions. We were more than 12 people and the missions works great. The people made me some questions:

-Can two teams works separately in order to search two caches?. How the markers works?. I think that in that version the markers always point to only one cache. It could be a upgrade, that markers point randomly two or three caches or point to the closer.

-When we play with TFR, the short range radios have different frequencies for different teams. I suggest to put this sentences "tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true;" in the TFR script an then SR Radios has the same frequencies in the same channels.

-One upgrade that I test in the last missions (vanilla version), and seems to work. I discover in the EOS foro that you can put some personal script in the "setskill" script (EOS folder). I put a script that dress opfor units as "civils". First I dress all units, and then I put "random 1 < 0.3, in order to have 30% of the units as "civils" with guns. It works and it made the mission more challenging. In the CCQ you have to think if it is armed or not. If you want I can explain it to you more detailed.

- Do you know how the missions works in a persistent server?. We want to put it in a close persistent server to try finish it.

I think I have more comments but now I do not remember it...

---------- Post added at 16:27 ---------- Previous post was at 15:09 ----------


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-One upgrade that I test in the last missions (vanilla version), and seems to work. I discover in the EOS foro that you can put some personal script in the "setskill" script (EOS folder). I put a script that dress opfor units as "civils". First I dress all units, and then I put "random 1 < 0.3, in order to have 30% of the units as "civils" with guns. It works and it made the mission more challenging. In the CCQ you have to think if it is armed or not. If you want I can explain it to you more detailed.

Would you be willing to share this script? Those of us that use EOS to make Takistani based maps would (such as myself) would love being able to increase the ambiguity between civillians and insurgents.

Also, I wonder, is it impossible to do the reverse and dress up unarmed upfor as civillians? The reason being the caf aggressors mod uses different models for civillians and insurgents, and if one could use both types of models for both insurgents and civillians you'd have the greatest visual variety while also being unable to visually predict civilian vs insurgent.

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look at this script:


I put:

if (side _unit != civilian) then 
[_unit,2] execVM "eos\functions\randomize.sqf";

I have randomize.sqf inthe same directory as EOS setskill.sqf. You can take the classnames from BIS Wiki, and for example, do the enemies like "Resistance":

_civ_clothes = ["U_OG_Guerilla2_1",

_civ_hats    = ["H_Shemag_olive", "H_ShemagOpen_khk", "H_ShemagOpen_tan","H_Beret_ocamo","H_Bandanna_khk","H_BandMask_blk","H_MilCap_gry"];

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Have you seen this new script in Armaholic?

[TAA] Realistic Repair

I am going to try it and tell you how it works.

I have only to coment the "zlt_fieldrepair.sqf" exec line, is it OK?

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theres a bug with it in the recent updates where the time script does not work (always starts at 0:00 aka midnight) and all the cache points cluster very far from any towns at the bottom left of map, this is with both aggressor and not versions

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Hey there, i was just looking around here seeing you was making a mission in Takistan don't know all the information about you're project. But i am making a little similiar mission also in Takistan trying to get the latest development of Iraq/Syria crisis in it. I am using High command with syrian and peshmerga units, using the zone mode to capture 3 towns hold by Al nusra, Fsa etc units and having support options like artillery and CAS, i was wondering if you need any help with this what so ever i am very glad to help.

And maybe 1 question i don't know if this is allowed, because i cant make a new thread ( don't know why ) maybe i can ask you. it is a very simple question and can find no information what so ever. When using the high command module it is very nice, but it seems when the Ai is in combat only the team leader response to youre command because all the other squad members are running around sometimes even 100 meter from him so it has no point having high command in combat situations. Then my question is this, is there a way to disable auto engage so the units will just open fire and not engage running towards the enemy.

Thank you very much and am very interested in the latest development, i think the most important thing is to have actual information and events happening around the world and put them in the mission to make it like you're actualy there but still make it fun to play. And once again if i can help with information or feedback or anything like that just let me know.



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Do you think I can possibly get the edit file for this? I'm new to editing and trying to learn/


(Aug 3 2014)

  • Removed: Call to Prayer script and sound file; Can't get it to work

(Jul 31 2014)

  • Removed: Placeholder addAction from all civilian vehicles spawned by COS

(Jul 29 2014)

  • Added: Pre-mission lobby parameter to change the start time of the mission (select hours from 0100 to 2400)
  • Added: More red grid squares to clear
  • Added: More random patrols outside of grid squares
  • Fixed: Grid squares no longer have a height limit (Air vehicles flying high can activate) to be activated now
  • Changed: Wind direction
  • Adjustment: Increased wind strength and gusts
  • Adjustment: Slightly reduced fog values
  • Adjustment: Slightly reduced brightness in Takistani post-processing effect
  • Removed: Overcast (A2 Island Fixes and A2 Lighting Fixes remove clouds)

(Jul 28 2014)

  • Adjustment: Enemy gunships may now spawn as an Attack Helicopter role, instead of a Transport Helicopter role
  • Adjustment: Some zones now spawn waves of enemies
  • Optimization: Blacklisted military bases for civilian spawns
  • Optimization: Disabled civilian town/population information in the lower-right hand corner

(Jul 27 2014)

  • Added: EOS now also spawns civilians in houses (COS spawns civilians and vehicles outside houses; Experimental)
  • Added: 3D call to prayer sound at LoyManara minaret (Untested)
  • Changed: Reorganized most of the contents in mission folder

(Jul 26 2014)

  • Added: Separate version which uses Ohally's 'Middle Eastern Aggressors' addon to the mission
  • Added: Post-processing effect to have Takistan themed color correction (Special thanks to EvroMalarkey; still needs adjustments)
  • Tweaked: Insurgents take 50% less damage in Aggressors version
  • Adjustment: Cleared grid square color changed to BLUFOR color (colorWEST)

(Jul 24 2014)

  • Tweaked: All markers now spawn different combinations of units and in different quantities (Larger towns will spawn more than a small village and may have light/heavy armor, static weapons, and helicopter support)
  • Removed: Markers for some villages that used to not have names

(Jul 22 2014)

  • Added: Two AAF MBT Kuma tanks to the base (Tan color)
  • Added: Two AAF IFV Mora tanks to the base (Tan color)
  • Added: CRV-6e Bobcat support APC to the base (It can be used to repair and refuel)

(Jul 21 2014)

  • Added: Ghost's 'ghst_civcars.sqf' to the mission (Parked cars have a random chance to have a VBIED)

(Jul 15 2014)

(Jul 12 2014)

  • Fixed: Gathering INTEL and destroying a cache now displays a hint with the correct "Takistan Insurgency" title

(Jul 11 2014)

  • Released a new version of Takistan Insurgency, Pre-Alpha v1.0d (Script Version)
  • Added: A new fireteam of 5 playable slots to the mission (Total of 22 player slots)
  • Added: Placed invisible grid square markers that spawn patrols in the mountains and outskirts of some visible red grid squares
  • Added: More random chances for things to spawn or not spawn, including enemy armor and air
  • Added: Excluded many objects at base from the logistics script to prevent players from picking up or loading important base objects like the "Jump Pole"
  • Added: Atmospheric units working on two jets and a RAH-66 Comanche
  • Added: Static HMG units can now spawn
  • Adjustment: Moved the UAV Drone out of the hangar, so it isn't being blocked
  • Adjustment: Increased the chance of an Mi-48 spawning in areas enemy helicopters can spawn
  • Adjustment: Increased AI damage multiplier to 1.7, up from 1.0 (5.56 and 9mm is now viable, but not overpowered)
  • Adjustment: Rewrote the Insurgency Info briefing tab to make it easier to read
  • Optimization: Reduced civilian spawn range to 375, down from 500
  • Removed: Virtual Ammobox System briefing tab
  • Removed: First Aid System briefing tab
  • Removed: Go-Kart DLC flare gun from VAS
  • Removed: Go-Kart DLC flare gun flares from VAS
  • Removed: CSAT and AAF IR strobe grenades from VAS
  • Removed: ASDG Atlis Bipods from VAS

(Jul 10 2014)

  • Added: Team R3F's '[R3F] Logistics Scripts' to the mission (Replaces all previous logistical scripts for now)
  • Added: HEMTT (Repair) support vehicle to the base with the other HEMTTs

(Jul 8 2014)

  • Optimization: Reduced maximum civilians spawned in towns and villages
  • Optimization: Air vehicles no longer activate civilian spawns
  • Adjustment: Tweaked amount and type of enemies in specific grid squares (Should help make the mission more challenging and dynamic)

(Jul 1 2014)

  • Fixed: Several specific red grid squares would not light up bright red or spawn enemies
  • Major Optimization/Fix: EOS script now searches through script for a single marker to spawn enemies when entering a red grid square, instead of searching through 30+ markers
  • Adjustment: Added the south airbase of Takistan to civilian blacklist

(Jun 27 2014)

  • Adjustment: Increased time before garbage is cleaned up to 5 minutes, up from 1 minute
  • Adjustment: CIV_F faction is now filtered for garbage cleanups

(Jun 26 2014)

  • Fixed: Replaced tents the players spawn in to prevent players from being disconnected or getting an error due to a missing .p3d file from the other tent object
  • Added: Crates and other atmospheric objects around the player starting area to make it look less plain
  • Added: 20% chance for an enemy attack helicopter to spawn in a heavily occupied hostile zone
  • Added: JW Custom's 'Close Air Support Field System' to the mission
  • Adjustment: Replaced the "ALPHA" team's Grenadier with a JTAC, who can now call in up to 3 CAS missions
  • Adjustment: Replaced the "CHARLIE" team's Grenadier with a UAV Operator, who can use UAV terminals to connect to and control UAV drones
  • Adjustment: Increased spawn distance for civilians and hostiles to 500 meters, up from 350 meters
  • Adjustment: Reduced volume of intro

(Jun 10 2014)

  • NEW: Script version of Takistan Insurgency (doesn't require ALiVE) in development and mostly ready to play - Needs a lot of thorough testing and tweaks

(Jun 9 2014)

(Jun 2 2014)

  • -------------EDIT: These changes are not functional-------------
  • Removed: Clothing and headwear used by European Rebel Aggressors from the "Gear Menu"
  • Removed: Clothing and headwear used by African Rebel Aggressors from the "Gear Menu"
  • Removed: Clothing and headwear used by Go-Karts DLC from the "Gear Menu"
  • Removed: Scuba suit and rebreather from the "Gear Menu"

(May 30 2014)

  • Removed: Weapons used by Aggressors insurgents from the "Gear Menu" (Middle East clothing and hats might also be removed; keeping them for now for Delta-style operations)
  • Removed: Magazines used by Aggressors insurgent weapons from the "Gear Menu"

(May 17 2014)

  • Added: Nkey's 'Task Force Arrowhead Radio' addon radio crate will now spawn on the "Gear" marker in the main base if the server is running the addon; works in all versions of the mission (Same applies for ACRE if ACRE is loaded on the server)
  • Added: Stacked H-barriers into a pyramid layout, surrounding vehicles in the motor pool for better protection
  • Fixed: All H-barriers moved around to fix clipping issues with surrounding objects and to close gaps
  • Fixed: CQB spawned insurgents can spawn anywhere on the entire map now, instead of just "Towns"
  • Removed: Civilian blacklist markers; they can be found in LoyManara and other villages surrounding the airbase, again

(May 14 2014)

  • Added: Markers for some of the villages and towns that were missing markers

(May 13 2014)

(May 12 2014)

  • Added: Replaced old logo with new logo, courtesy of Phoenix (ATCAG) from the group I'm in

(May 6 2014)

  • Added: ALiVE Combat Support modules, allowing a player equipped with a Laser Designator to call in close air support, air transport, or artillery (Experimental)
  • Adjustment: A-164 Wipeout CAS planes are now piloted by AI
  • Adjustment: AH-99 Blackfoot helicopters are now piloted by AI
  • Adjustment: UH-80 Ghosthawk helicopters are now piloted by AI (MH-9 Hummingbirds and CH-49 Mohawks are open to player pilots)
  • Adjustment: Scorcher artillery is now operated by an AI crew (Mortars are not controlled by AI, so that players may use or disassemble them and reposition them, perhaps even outside of the base)
  • Adjustment: M5 Sandstorm MLRS is now operated by an AI crew

(May 5 2014)

  • Added: BangaBob's 'Battlefield Re-Spawn System' to the mission again
  • Added: Crate in the main base containing UAV terminals to control the Predator drones or UGV drones
  • Fixed: Aircraft service area now properly repairs, rearms, and refuels aircraft vehicles
  • Adjustment: Wounds are more serious and require the aid of a medic/corpsman to stabilize and resuscitate the patients, while regular soldiers can apply pressure to wounds to stop the bleeding (Experimental)

(May 4 2014)

  • Added: Ohally's 'CAF Aggressors Addon' has been integrated in all versions of the mission, and is required to play
  • Added: Tan medical Zamak truck to medical area of main base
  • Fixed: Floating barrels near vehicle service area
  • Fixed: Animated civilian working on Offroad vehicle in Timurkalay was positioned behind the vehicle and oriented away from the vehicle
  • Fixed: Vehicles now clears weapon and magazine cargoes Globally (Should be MP synchronized now)
  • Tweak: Military Civilian Placement module now spawns/profiles a force size of 200 insurgents, up from 100
  • Tweak: Slightly reduced insurgents' aim accuracy and courage
  • Adjustment: Expanded medical area of the main base (Will be used as a respawn point and contain medical supplies for XMedSys in a future update)

(May 3 2014)

  • Added: 2 MBT-52 Kumas to the main base (Insurgents will have access to old soviet armor and more AT threats in a future version)
  • Adjustment: CH-49 Mohawk helicopters are now tan, instead of digital green independent camo (thanks to Zigomarvin!)
  • Adjustment: MBT-52 Kuma tanks are now tan, instead of digital green independent camo

(May 2 2014)

  • --Begun reworking the base atmosphere and organization of some things for immersion and accessibility--
  • Added: Placed several objects and structures to improve the base atmosphere, such as barracks' and tents (Will likely add purpose to these structures in the near future)
  • Added: 4 AH-99 Blackfoot helicopters to the main base
  • Added: 2 more CH-49 Mohawk helicopters to the main base
  • Added: 3 UH-80 Ghost Hawk helicopters to the main base
  • Added: Added 2 MH-9 Hummingbird helicopter to the main base, between the Ghost Hawks
  • Adjustment: Quadbikes and UGVs are closer to the MRAPs, and are in a tighter parked formation to take up less space
  • Adjustment: Moved the Fuel HEMTT support trucks to a new vehicle depot area in the main base
  • Adjustment: Moved the Supply Crates near the vehicle service area in the main base
  • Adjustment: Changed green/yellow camo radar tower into a tan radar tower to fit the desert theme better
  • Removed: "Radios" marker from the map (ACRE radio crate will now spawn near the "Gear" marker in the main base)

(May 1 2014)

  • Removed: Player slots on the Insurgency team (PVP element will be re-implemented at a later date)
  • Removed: BangaBob's 'Battlefield Re-Spawn System' from the mission (May be re-implemented when PVP element is re-implemented)
  • Optimization: Reduced the civilian active limiter to 20, down from 30
  • Added: MLRS and Scorcher artillery fortified positions in the airbase
  • Adjustment: Moved the fortified Mortar positions over to the artillery area of the airbase

(Apr 21 2014)

  • Added: Na_Palm and Androkiller have been added to the list of credits in the ReadMe document and in-game for helping with fixing scripts

(Apr 19 2014)

  • Fixed: Colored grid squares no longer turn green if an insurgent is present within the grid square (Insurgents may still spawn in those areas or reinforce them from other parts of Takistan, though)

(Apr 18 2014)

  • Released a new version of Takistan Insurgency, Pre-Alpha v1.0e
  • Added: Xeno's 'Vehicle Rearm Script' to the mission (May be replaced with 'Generic Vehicle Service script' later)
  • Added: Decorated two separate maintenance areas for ground vehicles and for aircraft, used for rearming, refueling, and repairing
  • Added: "Supply Crates" marker, marking the cache of supply crates available for transportation/use in the base
  • Added: BangaBob's 'Battlefield Re-Spawn System' to the mission
  • Removed: H-Barriers between ATC tower and hangars
  • Removed: All vehicle ammunition crates
  • Removed: All supply crates and the "Supply Crates" marker from the VAS version of the mission
  • Optimization: Reduced the Ambient Civilian Population's active limiter (the amount of civilians at a time) to 30, down from 35
  • Optimization: Reduced the Ambient Civilian Placement's ambient vehicles setting to "Low," down from "Medium"
  • Adjustment: Moved all images used for crate signs and the loading screen to an "images" folder to organize the mission folder (not noticeable in-game)

(Apr 17 2014)

  • Fixed: Psychobastard properly given credit for his A3 Wounding System script in the "Insurgency Info" tab in-game when viewing the map

(Apr 14 2014)

  • Updated: Rewritten the ReadMe document, to contain important helpful information about some of the game mechanics implemented (Wounding system, fast-roping, disarming IEDs, etc.)
  • Fixed: Armed technicals are now driven by Middle Eastern insurgents, in the Aggressors version (They were vanilla insurgents)

(Apr 13 2014)

  • Added: Two more random technical spawns that patrol through three villages

(Apr 11 2014)

  • Fixed: All area markers on the map are now either circles or squares (Oval markers are buggy)
  • Fixed: LoyManara is no longer a strategic point for the insurgents, meaning that they will not reinforce it after it has been cleared. This should also prevent insurgents from assaulting the airbase
  • Fixed: Vanilla (Non-Aggressors) version's "Required Addons" marker no longer lists the Aggressors addon
  • Fixed: Hand-placed ambient animated civilians are now Middle Eastern civilians from the Aggressors addon, in the Aggressors version of the mission (They were vanilla Altis civilians)
  • Fixed: ALiVE's "AI Skill" module now applies to the Aggressors insurgents in the Aggressors versions (It was set to apply to vanilla insurgents)
  • Tweak: Profiling module now profiles objects that it is synced with, instead of profiling everything except synced objects (Might be an optimization)
  • Tweak: Military Civilian Placement module now spawns/profiles a force size of 100 insurgents, up from 30
  • Adjustment: Added significantly more red grid squares which can spawn intel and/or weapons caches (Special thanks to serjames)
  • Added: ALiVE Admin module for in-game debugging, unit marking, teleporting, and ghosting for testing purposes (Accessible with User Action 20 key)

(Apr 9 2014)

  • Added: Two player slots on the Opfor/Insurgency team (Experimental)
  • Added: ALiVE View Settings module (Allows players to adjust view distance and terrain quality; accessible with User Action 20 key)

(Apr 8 2014)

  • Fixed: Insurgents no longer assault the NATO airbase at the start of the mission from the South-West (LoyManara insurgents may assault if provoked)
  • Fixed: Civilians can now get into and drive around in civilian vehicles spawned in their village/town (was using wrong faction class to spawn vehicles)
  • Adjustment: Increased hostility of civilians towards Blufor to "Extreme," up from "Medium"
  • Adjustment: Increased civilian active limiter to 35, up from 25
  • Adjustment: Reduced "Field Repair" times significantly; a full repair will take 1 minute now, down from 2 minutes
  • Updated: brians200's 'Randomly Generated Roadside IEDs' script to the latest version 2.3 in the mission

(Apr 7 2014)

  • Released a new version of Takistan Insurgency, Pre-Alpha v1.0d
  • Adjustment: VAS version of Takistan Insurgency 1.0d (I have to manually remove unnecessary scripts, crates, and images for every VAS version release)
  • Fixed: All crates in the NATO base should now have their items syncronized correctly for multiplayer
  • Fixed: All player inventories should now be syncronized for multiplayer and start without NVGs, IR grenades, and chemlights
  • Adjustment: Mission start time of day set to 16:00, back from 16:30

(Apr 6 2014)

  • Updated: Tonic's 'A3 Wounding System' to latest version 05042014 in the mission
  • Updated: brians200's 'Randomly Generated Roadside IEDs' script to the latest version 2.2 in the mission
  • Updated: Igi_PL's 'IgiLoad Logistical Support Script' to the latest version 0.9.9 in the mission
  • Updated: ALiVE modules are up to date with the latest version of ALiVE, also utilizing the new civilian modules
  • Added: ALiVE's civilian modules spawn much more lively civilians who can be residents to local communities or travel between them, performing daily and nightly activities throughout the days and nights. There are also vehicles the civilians may own and use to travel around in. Civilians also have a slight chance to dislike or become hostile towards coalition forces, and may go to their home to get a weapon or strap on a vest to harass the troops. All civilians and civilian vehicles are cached, which means you can come back to a town and find the same people you saw residing there last time
  • Added: ALiVE's 'View Distance' module, which allows players to adjust their view distance in multiplayer beyond the default 1600 view distance (accessible through custom ALiVE key)
  • Removed: tpw's 'tpw_civ' script from the mission (Civilians no longer spawn in airfield; neither do civilian vehicles)
  • Removed: tpw & MAD_T's 'MAD Ambient Traffic' script from the mission (No more radical car bombers or blind downs syndrome drivers)
  • Adjustment: Buzzard jets have been replaced with Wipeouts

(Mar 15 2014)

  • Released a new version of Takistan Insurgency, Pre-Alpha v1.0c
  • Fixed: INTEL and Caches now spawn in specific enterable structures and can spawn on upper levels of buildings, balconies, and some rooftops (special thanks to Na_Palm and Oktyabr)
  • Removed: MHQ Script (Didn't work and broke several other scripts)
  • Adjusted: Attached VAS to a box in the base where the weapons crates used to be
  • Added: UAV drones in the airbase with "this setCaptive true;" in their initialization field (Experimental)
  • Added: Unarmed autonomous ground drones which can be utilized for recon or IED triggering (Experimental)
  • Added: 5 additional player slots (Fireteam CHARLIE)
  • Additional Notes:
    • Community has been very helpful with reporting major and minor issues
    • Community is also contributing by helping solve these issues
    • I'd like feedback on mission/server performance when players are providing CAS; does the performance drop for ground troops?

(Mar 12 2014)

(Mar 11 2014)

  • Fixed: Advanced wounding script now works for all 12 player slots, not just the first 6.

(Mar 10 2014)

(Mar 6 2014)

  • Released new version of Takistan Insurgency, Pre-Alpha v1.0b (Version is now obsolete)
  • Added: Updated version of brians200's 'Randomly Generated Roadside IEDs Script' to 2.0 in the mission
  • Added: More supply crates in the NATO base and moved them in a more open area for easier aerial or ground pickup
  • Added: RGO and Mini hand grenades to the Grenades crate
  • Adjustment: Reduced amount of utility items such as Rangefinders and Laser Designators in the "Attachments & Utilities" crates
  • Removed: First Aid Kits from the "Attachments & Utilities" crates (vehicles and supply crates still have them)
  • Removed: Mine Detectors from the "Attachments & Utilities" crates (it served no purpose and did not detect scripted IEDs)
  • Optimization: Replaced all cases/magazines of tracer ammunition with non-tracer ammunition (MX SW still uses tracer ammunition, but may replace that too)
  • Removed: 50% of the Vehicle Ammo crates in the NATO base
  • Removed: 95% of ambient parked vehicles (ALiVE's next update will spawn them automatically)
  • Removed: CRV-6e Bobcat from NATO base (served no logistical purpose and was somewhat overpowered)

(Mar 5 2014)

  • Fixed: All assault rifles can now be found in all "Assault Rifles" crates now
  • Fixed: PCML, Titan Launcher, and Compact Titan Launcher can be found in both AT launcher crates now (AA launchers and rockets not included, unless I add insurgent aircraft)
  • Fixed: Moved the 'MXM 6.5' from "Assault Rifles" crate to the "Longrifles & LMGs" crate
  • Fixed: "Attachments & Utilities" crate didn't have enough laser designator batteries
  • Removed: APERS Mines, APERS Bounding Mines, APERS Tripwire Mines, and Claymore Charges from the Explosives crate
  • Added: More items to "Attachments & Utilities" crate, such as GPS items and Rangefinders
  • Fixed: Supply Crates now contain a variety of useful items to make it more appealing to air drop or transport somewhere on the field
  • Fixed: Blacklist markers in NATO base work again; insurgents won't spawn inside the NATO base anymore
  • Added: Another blacklist marker below the NATO base to prevent insurgents bum rushing the base from the mountains or South West early in the mission
  • Added: Fortified North-East walls of NATO base with a stack of H-Barriers and Barbed Wire, to protect coalition forces inside from LoyManara insurgent marksmen and RPGs
  • Optimization: Downscaled resolution of images on signs by crates to 256x256, down from 512x512
  • Optimization: Downscaled resolution of loading screen image to 512x256, down from 1024x512
  • Fixed: Some signs by crates are more accurately labeled: "Longrifles & LMGs", "Attachments & Utilities", and "Sidearms & SMGs"
  • Optimization: Filesize reduced to 763 KB, down from 1.21 MB

(Mar 4 2014)

  • Begun experimenting with Nielsen and KrevsnoTrev's 'Civilian Interaction Module' in the mission (will likely wait for script version of CIM for public convenience)
  • More testing of Ohally's Middle Eastern civilians and insurgents, added by his CAF Aggressors mod (no noticeable functionality or performance issues so far, after 6+ hours of testing on client hosted server)
  • Fixed: Increased blacklisted area around NATO airbase to help prevent/delay insurgents assaulting the base early in the mission
  • Added: sidearm sight attachments to the "Attachments" crates
  • Added: more magnified optics to the "Attachments" crates
  • Added: 7.62 Suppressor (LMG) to both "Attachments" crates (only one crate had them)
  • Added: Modified Riouken's 'Gear Menu Script' and added it to the mission; players can change their uniform, vest, helmet, and backpack at a special crate at base (weapons, ammo, and attachments are still retrieved through crates)

(Mar 3 2014) | NOTE: New version of 'CBA_A3' released!

  • Fixed: NATO base marker from being deleted by IED script (NATO base is no longer set as a safezone for IEDs, since it won't spawn IEDs there anyway)
  • Fixed: Supply and Vehicle Ammo crates from exploding randomly due to damage/collision
  • Removed: IED script initializing message in Side Chat
  • Removed: IgiLoad logistics script initializing message (Intro message in center was being overlapped by init messages)
  • Removed: Animal Site Modules from the mission (will add animals after next ArmA update or when tpw releases a dedicated server compatible ambient animal script)
  • Fixed: Reduced each individual technical's spawn chance to 30%, down from 50%
  • Testers confirm LordJarhead's 'JSRS 2.1' (currently latest version) has no performance impact, CTDs, or any other issues

(Mar 2 2014)

  • Released a new version of the mission (Version is now obsolete)
  • Fixed: Crates can no longer take damage or explode (should fix crates randomly exploding at base or anywhere else for no reason)
  • Added: more cases of ammo for LMGs and long-ranged rifle ammo to crates
  • Added: more fuel and transport HEMTT vehicles
  • Added: a CRV-6e Bobcat to the base (may remove it later)

(Mar 1 2014)

  • Thorough 'JSRS 2.1' testing sessions for any performance or functionality differences from true 'vanilla' version (no performance impact)
  • Begun testing Ohally's 'Aggressors' addon for civilians and insurgents in the mission (still being tested for performance and functionality)
  • Added: zealot111's 'Helicopter Fastrope Script' to the mission
  • Added: some ArmA 2 objects in the NATO base
  • Added: more stationary technicals and technical road patrols (50% chance to spawn each technical)
  • Added: signs to crates in base to help people find what they need
  • Added: more weapons, magazines, grenades, explosives, AT launchers, etc.
  • Added: two A-143 Buzzard jets at the hangars in the NATO base for pilots to provide fixed-wing Close Air Support
  • Removed: excess items from Hunters in base to allow players to store what they need in them
  • Removed: "Supply Crates" marker from the map
  • Optimization: Rearranged order which the scripts in the mission are initialized first to last
  • Fixed: IED placement markers are now harder to see during mission initialization (to prevent spoilers/exploiting IED locations)

(Feb 28 2014)

  • Released a Pre-Alpha "test build" version of the mission (Version is now obsolete)
  • -----changes after release-----
  • Fixed: Rearranged setup of crates, vehicles, and mortars in NATO base
  • Added: Short introduction cutscene by Hazey and Sacha Ligthert
  • Added: Modified briefing to provide more helpful information
  • Removed: suicide bomber script from mission (suicide bombers will be re-implemented via ALiVE module when ALiVE update is released)
  • Removed: wounded player markers from the mission (markers sometimes wouldn't delete themselves and remain there permanently)
  • Tested mission with a lot of modded weapons, uniforms, and vehicles; results weren't too bad, but discovered some unusual major issues that didn't occur in 'vanilla' version that I'm looking into
  • Tested mission with only required mods (resulted in better performance and no stuttering, freezing, or crashes)

(Feb 27 2014)

  • Testing with JSRS 2.1 (Someone reported a 45 second freeze when nothing was going on, but everyone else hasn't had any issues)

(Feb 26 2014)

  • Fixed: Reorganized layout of base for easier navigation and logistics vehicles to pickup crates
  • Added: more weapons, optics, ammunition types, and backpacks to crates in base
  • Removed: 'Military Symbols' module from the mission due to it revealing enemy and civilian positions near players
  • Begun testing the mission in multiplayer with additional mods, such as RH weapons and A-10C (No impact on performance)

(Feb 25 2014)

  • Added: zooloo75's 'Suicide Bomber Script' to the mission (only adds 1 suicide bomber in the map, so it will likely be replaced later)
  • Removed: Nightvision goggles, chemlights, and IR grenades from players (Players can grab whatever they want/need from crates)
  • Added: three mortars in NATO base
  • Added: more IED spawn locations
  • Fixed: Replaced player 'Rifleman (AT)' class with 'Engineer' class (Engineers have a 95% chance to disarm IEDs and repair vehicles better than other classes)
  • Fixed: Reorganized items inside of crates
  • Fixed: Reorganized positioning of crates so they are easier to pickup with logistics vehicles
  • Longest test session (5+ hours) so far with 3 people and others coming on and off throughout; almost all positive results, but need more players to stress test performance

(Feb 24 2014)

  • Added: a slightly adjusted zealot111's 'Realistic Repair Script' to the mission (Experimental; may be removed later)
  • Added: brians200's 'Randomly Generated Roadside IEDs Script' to the mission
  • Added: a few more random spawned armed technicals that patrol long stretches of road that lead or pass through large villages/towns
  • Fixed: Slightly increased distance for ALiVE profiled units to spawn in
  • Fixed: Slightly increased amount of ALiVE profiles to be active at a time (set to 60; was previously 45)

(Feb 23 2014)

  • Added: Placed more animated civilians
  • Added: Some empty ambient vehicles which have a 50% chance to spawn; Some will be locked, others will be low on fuel
  • Added: Multiple animal site modules around for animal ambiance (This is experimental and may be removed)
  • Added: armed technicals that defend a specific area or patrol around Takistan (50% spawn chance for each technical)
  • Total of 14 player slots on BLUFOR (Number of slots may be adjusted later)
  • Added: Crates of weapons, ammunition, etc. have been placed at the NATO base (VAS is not being implemented for performance reasons and to make logistics roles actually useful)
  • Removed: Armored vehicles removed from mission
  • NATO base setup complete for now, further decorations and modifications may come and go
  • Added: Player now respawns at NATO base after dying
  • Added: 'IgiLoad Script' re-implemented to test functionality and usefulness of logistics in the mission
  • Fixed: Slightly increased probability of additional spawned insurgents in buildings
  • Fixed: Civilians are now friendly with all factions, in an attempt to prevent them from running away from firefights, which eventually made towns look empty (they still run away...)
  • Hours of multiplayer testing with 3-5 players for performance and bug finding
  • Fixed: a couple minor bugs
  • Added: "Military Symbols" module to show squad lead icons on the map (This is experimental and may be removed)
  • Added: Wrote a .rtf (Rich Text Document) including information about the mission, credits, and a list of known issues

(Feb 22 2014)

  • Added: More animated civilians
  • Optimization: Reduced spawn/despawn distance significantly
  • Optimization: Reduced amount of insurgents spawned in/on buildings significantly
  • Optimization: Reduced spawned mobile insurgent forces significantly
  • Added: 'A3 Wounding System' implemented and is functional (wounded player markers disabled)
  • Multiplayer testing for performance is mostly positive (framerates are well above 40 in most areas, but can dive down to 19 in large urban areas)
  • Hours of testing revealed some bugs and what needed changes; working on it now!

(Feb 21 2014)

  • Added: Placed more animated civilians in a couple towns in Takistan (Most animated civilians animate very jittery; may be a BIS issue)
  • Fixed: Each placed animated civilian now has a 50% chance to be spawned into the mission initially
  • Optimization: Adjusting ALiVE module settings to spawn less insurgents when players are around to compensate for better performance
  • Removed: Side objective scripts (They need to be modified or rebuilt entirely for desired functionality before they get added back in)
  • Removed: Logistics script has been removed temporarily, but will be added back in when the mission is complete otherwise
  • Conducted very early tests for multiplayer performance and AI functionality; performance is significantly better but still gradually degrades as session progresses

(Feb 20 2014)

  • Added: 'ALiVE' is now being used for the spawning and despawning of insurgents and also for caching pre-placed civilians
  • Added: ALiVE's 'Garbage Collection' and 'AI Skill' modules to mission
  • Added: Many civilians have been manually placed around Takistan and interact with a specific object in a visible way, so there isn't only spawned/despawned clutter civilians just walking around (I'd like to expand this much more, but baby steps!)
  • More than 20 random side objectives have been designed in a document, but have not yet been script implemented
  • Added: NATO base in Takistan 90% complete
  • Very early testing for multiplayer compatibility and functionality; almost everything works as intended and isn't choking performance

(Feb 19 2014)

  • Added: Two scripts that spawn/despawn civilian pedestrians and traffic is implemented and is functional
  • Added: Hazey and /dev/urandom have created insurgency scripts - and have given me the permission to use them - for grid markers, intel gathering, and random spawned weapon caches with adjustable mission parameters; this has been implemented and is mostly functional so far
  • Added: Thanks to Hazey and /dev/urandom, the mission is compatible with ACRE and/or Task Force Arrowhead Radio; however, neither addon is required to play the mission
  • Added: Igi_PL's IgiLoad script has been implemented and is functional
  • Added: Basic side mission script implemented, but needs to be modified for functionality and compatibility with Takistan

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I test the mission with some friends in my dedicated server & cant find any intel ...

... Nevermind i found 2 itel & destroy 2 ammo cache last nite :D

I love this mission. GJ !

Edited by Redscar

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This mission has already been completed by a group and can easily be ported to other maps.

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I test the mission with some friends in my dedicated server & cant find any intel ...

... Nevermind i found 2 itel & destroy 2 ammo cache last nite :D

I love this mission. GJ !

Yesterday Me and TTF played this and Intel wasn't spawning and the Caches were all in the sw corner of the map.

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Looking forward to trying this again, I can see you have been busy since I last tried it! Do you have any plans to integrate Toadies excellent weapon pack?

He (or someone) came up with a little something to ensure his AKs are used by CAF agressors: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172850-Toadie-s-SmallArms-and-Animations-for-Arma3&p=2757932&viewfull=1#post2757932

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Hi Phronk,

I send you a mp. I have some improvement that I want share with you. xj solve the sw corner cache.

Enviado desde mi GT-P3110 mediante Tapatalk

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Sorry for the hiatus guys. I've been taking a break from ArmA and gaming in general. But, I'm working on my mission on and off every now and then. Currently haven't touched Takistan Insurgency, but I've been porting the mission over to F.A.T.A. and Clafghan in my spare time.

I know there are a couple game-breaking bugs (Like the non-existent cache in the corner of the map) and other lingering issues, but it's simply beyond my knowledge of scripting. I greatly appreciate all the help I've been getting though!


1. There is only one active cache on the map at a time; you must destroy the cache the intel is directing you towards to get intel on another cache.

2. Good idea, I'll write that down and try to get around to it.

3. Another good idea!

4. I've had the mission run for about a day or two on my group's dedicated server with persistence on and it works just fine. Issue is that you'll probably eventually run into that annoying corner of the map bug...

5. I saw that repair system, but haven't tried it out yet.

@MacintoshRUS: I may have to add a vehicle respawn script to replace the vanilla ArmA 3 vehicle respawn module to fix that.

@Tristen2NT: Sure. I'll send it to you as a PM.

@dixon13: I'd like to see this easy to port insurgency mission you speak of.

@NoHalfMeasures: The caches spawning in the corner of the map (But not actually existing) has been a lingering issue since the start. Only way to fix is to restart the mission. :(

@CallMeSarge: If the server is running that weapons pack with the Aggressors patch that comes with it, I think the Aggressors will use the guns. Haven't tested it though.

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JIGSOR =BMR= Has an incredible Insurgency mission working great on several maps... check it out... It will not disappoint.

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Phronk, give me one email by pm and I send you my version with some bug fixed. I resolve the left corner and some other things.

Enviado desde mi GT-P3110 mediante Tapatalk

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