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[COOP] Forward Edge of the BattleArea

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Mission name: Forward Edge of the BattleArea

Mission type: COOP

World island: Altis

Factions: BLUFOR (NATO, human player side) against OPFOR (CSAT, AI side)

Arma 3 branch: Stable

Players: 1 - 55 (55 defined player slots available)


Team(work) designed COOP mission with many customizable features (through mission parameters and/or configuration files) which is intended for long-time running. Dynamic and random mission generation on start, which offers a changing and challenging gameplay.


Dedicated server. There is no Singleplayer option, a server-client should be possible, though I did not test it. Anyway, as Arma 3 comes with the dedicated server files, please use this.


Forward Edge of the BattleArea (short, FEBA) is a highly customizable Arma 3 mission originally designed for the world island Altis, though it can be changed to be run on different world islands without to much work.

The goal of FEBA is to capture and control a randomly generated BattleArea with a random number of Strategic Points in it. Radius and terrain preference for the BattleArea can be customized through the mission parameter settings (for example, BattleArea on water only, on land only or either). The radius of the BattleArea also influences the number of OPFOR units (larger radius will usually result in a higher number of OPFOR units, which helps scaling the resources to different servers).

The design concept for FEBA uses a highly teamwork based approach, which means that players should work within/as a team and also help/support the other teams. For this, a clearly defined chain of command is in use, with a teamleader taking command of a team and a second in command unit, which supports the teamleader (this only works if the players want this and play along of course). Basically, this mission is not really suited for lone wolf players, though it is possible of course. Vehicle access is also based on which team a player selected; a infantry team member is not able to use attack helicopters or planes for example (although this can be changed in the mission parameters).

FEBA is a bit more on the complex side, as there are many options available for each class; so please take some time to get to know the basic concepts and gameplay.


  • Customizable mission
  • Equipment system: players can get/change their equipment and gear
  • Tactical artillery support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request different kind of artillery strikes with different ordnance types (MRSI also available)
  • Tactical drone support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request drones
  • Tactical aerial support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request air support from helicopters and planes (CAS)
  • Tactical long range missile support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request long range missile strikes
  • Engineer support: engineers can build structures on the field
  • Combat transport: script coded; AI helis will provide transport to the BattleArea (if the location is suitable - the middle of the ocean isn't... ;) )
  • Combat evacuation: script coded; AI helis will provide evacuation from the BattleArea back to base
  • Option to directly spawn on the teamleader, if he is already deployed from base, whether he is in a vehicle or on ground (if the vehicle has an empty passenger seat)
  • Transport around the different base parts
  • Vehicle respawn
  • Player revive
  • Setting of team respawn points for each team
  • Teamleaders/XOs can request missions from HQ through the comm links menu
  • ...

Where to get:

FEBA is available through my Steam Workshop page, just search for Forward Edge of the BattleArea, or my user name caliban55. Probably also through with.Six later.

If you want to try the mission, you can connect to the {TNT}ArmA3 server (IP: The latests version will always be running there.

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