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Looking for a persistent PvAI mission.

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Me and some of my friends have got a dedicated server recently and we're looking for a persistent, dynamic, whole island, Players and AI versus AI mission that we could run 24/7 and just be able to jump in and out of it whenever we want to while AIs fight fights against each other when we're not online.

Is there anything like that available?

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closest i would say would be


This is purely player v ai but is pretty damned good


This allows ai recruiting but you will need a decent force as the enemy AI can be quite heavy in numbers

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1)Whole Lotta Altis COOP/SP

2)missions with ALiVE mod(the #1 persistence experience -as MSO- for A2CO)

Sorry if i m forgetting special people and their achievements-it's not intentional

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Enemy Assault

Which my buddy and I have been playing on our server for the past 2-3 months is pretty good, of course our version is highly edited as i added the

NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons to the mission as well as su35, su39, f18 fighter planes, and the Middle East Irregulars, edited various scripts

so that you spawn on your own body, a friends, the main base, or an ammo box by the hanger where the planes are at, and respawn is 5 sec,

idk about you but getting back into the fight is important.

But the mission is setup where you can fight the AI, when the mission starts various tasks start showing listed on the screen, these tasks will

be shown on the map and are represented as large circles, somewhere in those circles is the objective,

all objectives which are about 5-6 of them are random but they are all located in a town or city on the map, Altis version is best.

AI will take up positions in buildings, rooms, balconies, setup static weapons on patios, roofs, ect,. armored, gmg, hmg, tank will patrol the area depending, but once you clear all the objectives, there is a huge wave of enemies that will attack the town, they come in convoys sometimes , you'll be surrounded, its a real blast especially the version we play as I setup the respawn so that you can respawn on your own body, on a friend, at the base, or at the hanger where the planes are.

All bodies stay on the ground after you kill the enemy, adn then get cleaned up after all the objectives are met, the mission plays very well in terms of performance,

you couldn't ask for better performance.

As for the objectives:

=destroy ammo box

=rescue a officer, soldier or pilot

=destroy an Anti air vehicle

=destroy artillery tank

=kill a commanding officer

=blow up a radio tower

=locate a missing chopper

If anyone is interested in the version I have versus the original send me a pm.

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