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Internal Error: Rendering command buffer to small

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I've looked at the other threads but I want a more specific answer.

Here's the image of the dialogue box: v5cN0gY.png

When I load my custom-made terrain into the editor and spawn in a player unit, and then hit preview, OA crashes and leaves that dialogue box. My custom map is a highly experimental 1.28x1.28(km) map. I believe the error for this is because the map is too small? It's completely flat, and though it has some clutter (well I think it does, I haven't gotten far enough to see if it's actually made it in), it still gives me this error. Do I just need to increase the size of the map, or is there something more to it?

I'd love to hear just how to FIX it, but if someone could explain to me what it MEANS (as well as how to make it go away) then that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If anyone ever needs an answer to the problem above, increasing the map size does affect this error: it makes it go away. I only have speculation to go off of, but I imagine that the map must be atleast 2.56km x 2.56km to not experience such errors. If anyone wants to give clarification on this issue, that'd be great.

If you need proof, I doubled my map size to 2.56x2.56 and it now works perfectly fine. There you go.

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