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3rd Marin Special Operations Battalion MARSOC

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Website :

3rd MSOB

Who are we ?

3rd MSOB was started by a group of friends who have been gaming in arma Since the days of OFP.

To add to this we have bags of RL military experience between us. Our founder members are current and former British Army and US Marines. With RL operational experience in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name a few.

We have our own dedicated game server and teamspeak 3.

The joining and training process

Joining is easy, just fill in the short application form and a recruiter will be in touch.

Thats the easy bit over with. Please note, we do not teach basic military skills, so new members need to have a basic understanding of the subject as well as Arma 3, Our training is aimed at more experienced individuals who will learn more advanced skills, MARSOC Marines will learn how to work as an individul aswell as part of a small team,

First off applicants are to pass our selection process, This includes Shooting tests, Navigation and E&E. Once this is completed applicants with start Marine Special Operations Individual Course (ITC). Courses are run every two months so some applicants may have to wait a while before the start of their course. Training can take around two months or more depending on each individual

Age limit

The lower age limit is 18, there are no exceptions to this rule


We train and do official missions twice a week, We know that not everyone can make it every week, but if members miss a months worth and dont let us know, they will be removed from the group. However we in fact do stuff almost every night of the week.

What types of missions do we do

Our missions are based on small team missions, with a mix of Special Reconnaissance and direct action, Some missions we will never fire a shot, The amount of kills isnt the aim here, its the realism in the COOP, We do story driven campaigns where the outcome of one mission effects the next. We use Task Force Radio for comms, and we use proper VP during missions

What now ?

So if you are looking for for a group full of nobbers running around a map aimlessly killing everything then this isnt the place for you.

However if you want a semi realism group, where you can learn and hone your skill, and have a virtual military career with mature gamers who dont take things too seriously, then fill in an application on our website

If you require any further information, please PM me on these means

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