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Need Scripter\Coder for new game-mode type

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Hello, my name is Jake. I'm 17 years of age and I'm looking for someone that is talented enough to bring my Altis-Life style map to life! I've done all of the work as far as layout, basic scripts, building structures and all-around design of the game mode. But I'm looking for someone who can make it a fully functional Altis-Life Game Mode.

These are some of the requirements.

  • Create a fully functional Money\Banking system
  • Create delivery missions and others like it
  • Be able to work on the map atleast 3 times a week
  • 16+ years of age
  • Make things from scratch (not stealing from TAW or anyone else)
  • Familiar with English (oral & written)

I'm looking for one or more people to help with this. I'm also looking for people to help with TS3 servers, WebDesign\building and more.

If you're interested you can send me your application on Steam or BiStuido private messaging system.

Contact Information:

Steam: LimpingWhale

E-mail: N\A

BiStuido: LimpingWhale

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Thanks. Yeah, I didn't realize I was on Terrain editing still. My apologies :cool: if there's a way to delete this thread, please let me know.

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