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1.SS-Panzer Division (Invasion 1944/ACRE) US/EU

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Realism name: 1.SS-Panzer-Division

Timezone/location : US/EU

Gamemode preference : 90% Player Versus Player / 10% Cooperative vs AI for training purposes.

Website address: www.1SS-Division.com

Teamspeak Address:

Background: We are a virtual reenactment group as well as a research and study group. Whose members are always striving

to learn more about the daily lives of the SS Soldaten during the Second World War as well as the study of the tactics

that he employed on the battlefield. 1.SS-Panzer-Division is a highly motivated and professional group of 15+ members who

have been continually active since 2011 as a German Realism unit in Darkest Hour 44-45. We are now turning to Invasion 44

to give us the opportunity in which we can further the level of realism and immersion. We bring with us a wealth of

knowledge and experience that we believe is easily applicable to this game and engine.

Short description: We are an axis realism unit which strives to portray a Waffen SS Panzer Division as accurately as

possible through the use of realistic tactics, organization, and equipment to accomplish our mission. We are formed of

both realism veterans and new soldaten. But we all share a genuine interest in combat history of the german armed forces

in World War 2. We are always interested in new Soldaten to join our ranks! If you are interested in enlisting with us,

Feel free to check out our Rekrutierungsbüro on our website. To enlist register with a realism name, then fill our the

application on our forums correctly and wait for an officer to respond to your application. *** All potential applicants

who are looking to join a Neo Nazi, or like wise fascist type organization will not find it here and will not be

accepted, so there is no need to apply!

Language: English

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