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Hey once more guys!

I've got one more multiplayer mission (min. 1 player) for you.

You just need WW4 MOD: DOWNLOAD HERE

It is on Nogova island and you have to defend yourself against infinite hordes of eastern soldiers & vehicles. (you may choose score limit & AI skill in MP lobby)

You can build your base at the start. If you run out of ammo - get in HQ tent (ammo box inside) and select Ammo in action menu.

It has 8 playable slots (4x2 - both teams may cooperate but they do not have to) and revive respawn.

Your team gets bonus (vehicle or helli - random) if your team score is higher than 2x number of players + 20.

Type of enemy units & their start positions are random. Their number depends on number of players.



Enjoy and post any suggestions :cool:

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Link doesn't work for me, it may be because of the "!" mark in the name - could You pack the .pbo to (for example) "Defend.rar", or something like that?

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