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Tasks during "break-time" in Gori? (possible spoilers)

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In between separate missions, when Kerry is supposed to report in and rearm in Gori, you see FIA just milling around at the base, right? And whenever Kerry approaches group of them, they start to talk about how they're running low on first aid kits or how a AAF jet crashed, then when they finish chatting, Kerry gets assigned a task, usually "medical supplies" or "burning buzzard". My question is, how do you proceed to those tasks? (because to be honest, they sound pretty interesting to me) I've tried opening my Map (the one you open by pressing 'M' and not the one Miller is standing next to inside the building) then selecting it as my current task, but it doesn't work. I'd love to play through them, if they are designed to be played at all, so please help guys!

Again, thanks to the whole lot of you!!

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