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Spawned enemy from a script keep respawning once killed?

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My mission has various scripts that spawn enemy units at various locations and different times through out the mission. The problem that I have noticed is that the enemy will re spawn.

An example is this I have a truck spawn full of enemy units. I engage with Nlaw and destroy the truck, some of the enemy jump out and start to fire back.

I kill some of them and then the next thing the truck re spawns with all the men in it and we start again??

Do I need to put something to end the script once it has been called?

Here is one of the scripts that I use:

_spawn = [getmarkerpos "sup11", "Kamaz", "ssp1a",0] execVM "mission7a.sqf";
_spawn = [getmarkerpos "sup12", "BTR90", "ssp1c",0] execVM "mission7a.sqf";


_spawn_zone = _this select 0;
_veh_type = _this select 1;
_name = _this select 2;
_dir = _this select 3;// new

_group = createGroup east;
_veh = createVehicle [_veh_type, _spawn_zone, [], 0, "NONE"];
_driver = _veh emptyPositions "driver";
_gunner = _veh emptyPositions "gunner";

_cargo = (_veh emptyPositions "cargo") - 1;
if (_driver > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinDriver _veh;this assignAsDriver _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];};
if (_gunner > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinGunner _veh;this assignAsGunner _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];};
if (_commander > 0) then {"RU_Soldier_Crew" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinCommander _veh;this assignAsCommander _veh;this setskill [""general"",1];"];};
for "_i" from 0 to _cargo do
"RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [_spawn_zone, _group, "this moveinCargo _veh;this assignAsCargo _veh;"];
_veh setdir _dir;// new
_veh SetVehicleVarName _name;
call compile format["%1 = _veh", _name];
_patrol = [_group, getmarkerpos "pat71", 400] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol;

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I think I have found the problem in my mission, I have a caching script running in the back ground. I have removed this and it seems ok at the moment

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