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FUSION Looking For New Members

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FUSION currently is looking to expand its ranks, we are looking to bring in more players who wish to become part of our community. To give you a brief insight into what FUSION is:

FUSION is a merger between two Squads: Platoon and Geeks With Guns (GWG). Both Squads already had a rich history, with Platoon going back to the CC4 days (2001), and GWG being there from the start of Operation Flashpoint (2002). The majority of the members are English and/or Dutch speaking, English being the language used during gaming. We also have several members which ran the OFP/Arma1 leagues European Flashpoint League (EFL) and the European Combat League (ECL), which means we have access to a good selection of maps and map templates which can be used for a variety of game types.

We are an active squad who meets regular on: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday , starting roughly at 20:30 BST/21:30 CET, and lasting until the last man falls asleep behind the keyboard. Although currently FUSION is not currently active in any leagues. We play mainly CTF, C&H and Combi maps (a combination of CTF and C&H, created by one of our former members), Blitzkrieg maps and Valhalla style maps. On a Sunday we normally play against another Squad in a variety of maps types and have been able to take part in up to 9 vs 9 maps.

We also have several FUSION Members who play and participate in an F1 League which is run by FUSION, we normally do a full F1 season over several weeks. We currently have 15 members participating in this.

What has FUSION to offer?

  • A group of relaxed and mature friends, with a focus on fun.
  • Well organised outfit
  • Community Website
  • High Powered Gaming Server

What we feel you should bring?

  • A relaxed and mature attitude
  • Dependability

What do we need to know of you in case you fill in a form?

  • Name
  • Age ( a minimum of 18)
  • Country where you live (city is OK too, but not necessary). Has to be in Western Europe due to time zone differences
  • Your native language (apart from that you should be proficient with English
  • e-mail, Skype or Steam
  • your nickname
  • Where did you hear of us?

Once we have these details, we will contact you as necessary. :)

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What has FUSION been upto?

We have been playing Arma3 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. On the week nights we play versus members of the squad on a variety of map types, from the simple death match to the more complex C&H maps. On Sunday we have been playing against another squad called SIG (Specialist Infantry Group), this has allowed us to play in bigger sized maps with multiple capture zones. We play from just infantry forces, to all out warfare using all units available in Arma3.


As with previous versions of Arma (Arma, Arma2) we have brought over our map pack and templates, which have been developed and enhanced from templates which were originally created for Operation Flashpoint and used in the European Flashpoint and European Combat Leagues. For our Arma3 version these have been ported and enhanced by our leading map making and scripting expert HitmanFF. We have added features unique to Arma3, such as first aid kits, detachable scopes and other attachments selectable using our weapons dialogue once you start a mission and respawn. The templates allow us to create maps quite quickly as everything is ready to go, the map maker only has to worry about placement, the area of the battle and tweaking elements, such as equipment and load outs.

We currently have several maps based on our CTF Template and our Combi Template. Combi is a unique map mode which was developed for EFL and ECL, it combines an normal CTF map with a single C&H flag.

Members Update

FUSION is happy to welcome new PeteWalker into the squad, PeteWalker hasnt been long with the squad but is already showing his worth by creating one CTF map. And he also has in the works a hostage rescue style map which will be a new challenge to particpate in.

We also are happy to welcome back returning member Infamous, who has recently started playing Arma3 again.

Would you like to Play Against FUSION?

We are looking for a Squad who would be interested in playing against FUSION on a regular basis. If you interested please contact us

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The doors are open for anyone wishing to join us tonight, the fun start from 8pm BST

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We are still looking for members, we play every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8PM BST/ 9PM CET.

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